Best TaylorMade Sim2 Max Driver Shaft Options (GUIDE)

What Is The Best Shaft For The TaylorMade Sim2 Max Driver?

The Tensei AV Raw Blue 55 with SFW series is the best-known shaft for Sim2 Max Driver. It is among the best quality shafts for tours. 

Note: The Tensei is great for an R, S, and X flex and mid-launch. It’s designed to give you a little extra launch and spin.


TaylorMade Sim2 Max Driver Shaft Specs

See the Tensei AV Raw Blue 55with SFW specifications to have a better understanding of its distinctiveness.

Sim2 Max Driver Shaft




Shaft weight (pounds)

Tensei AV Raw Blue 55 with SFW






Tensei AV Raw Blue 55 with SFW






Tensei AV Raw Blue 55 with SFW






Tensei AV Raw Blue 55 with SFW






TaylorMade Sim2 Max Driver Shaft Options

There are 3 best shaft options for the Sim2 Max Driver:

  • The Tensei AV Raw Blue 55 with SFW Series
  • The Fujikura Ventus Blue Series
  • The Kuro Kage Silver Series


The Tensei AV Raw Blue 55 with SFW Series

The Tensei AV Raw Blue 55 with SFW Series combines a traditional gentle flex profile plus contemporary performance.

The unpolished finish indicates a clear indication of the extra stability of the unique fabric. This is the AluminumVapor Coating Stitch in the back. For a steady mid, energy is delivered directly from the wrists to the ball.

The option for 0.121 lb incorporates Straight Flight Weighting. This simplifies the shift by impact, minimizing the propensity to diminish and even promote some draw.



  • The raw finish reveals an aluminum vapor-coated stitch.
  • It has a smooth and gentle mid-section.
  • You can have total control over this shaft.
  • The dispersion for this shaft is said to be excellent.
  • It is available in a wide range of flexes.

Note: It is excellent for golfers who desire a ball-striking with a sense of increased stability across the whole swing.


Golfers’ Review

The Tensei AV Raw Blue 55 shaft from Mitsubishi blends strength with the smooth feeling, unlike other shafts.


The Fujikura Ventus Blue Series

The Fujikura Ventus Blue is particularly developed to restrict shot dispersal.It will also enhance the ball flight substantially, particularly with off-center strokes.

The Ventus has an ultra-strong tip with the new VeloCore technology from Fujikura. It is indeed a trip shape that includes this technology in an accelerating taper. The maximum power transmission at the top portion enhances the effectiveness of the clubhead.

Ventus also increases the feel and load by the straight taper designs. The core multi-matter bias design provides ultimate rigidity. This is done by increasing the speed and smasher factor via impact and transition.



  • Fujikura’s new VeloCore technology developments make these shafts a class apart.
  • They give the best of impact and transition.
  • It offers a more controlled sensation without losing the force of the center.
  • Ventus has a uniform taper shape that helps enhance the feel and load.
  • They have maximum tip power transfer.

Note: This is best for golfers who are willing to play on newer heights with a feeling of stability and control.


Golfers’ Review

Fujikura offered me so much of what I appreciate in the Ventus. The tip of the shaft is “ultra-steep” to avoid bending.


The Kuro Kage Silver Series

The Kuro Kage is a series of shafts that delivers superior performance and has a flawless reputation at an affordable price.

Only a handful of shafts have achieved the instant and durable features of the Kuro Kage in living memory. The titanium wire enhances stability and grip in the tip region.

Smooth or slow swinging golfers generally need to have something more to have it perform well, however.

The Kage shaft is more of a mid or high. The Kuro Kage Shaft is a good idea if you battle a lot or want optimum tip strength.



  • It can swing as forcefully as you like, even without being afraid of the hook.
  • The Kage shaft has amazing consistency in a course.
  • The shaft’s top half is silver, while the bottom is a gradient going into black.
  • The shaft is solid with a fairly good grip.
  • The Kage is the best of strong swingers.

Note: The Kuro Kage is excellent for super-fast golfers. It can help them spin lower from the tee.


Golfers’ Review

Layers of elastic titanium are included in the double design to improve tip rigidity. It also is a great low and mid spin golf shaft.


TaylorMade Sim2 Max Driver shaft options


What Is The Best Shaft For The TaylorMade Sim2 Max D Driver?

The Fujikura Air Speeder 45 Senior is the best shaft for your Sim2 Max Driver. 

Note: The acquisition of the Fujikura Air Speeder has a shaft that is not oval. However, this improves energy transmission.


TaylorMade Sim2 Max D Driver Shaft Options

You may pick from some shaft alternatives if you prefer to get the Sim2 Max D Driver.

  • The Fujikura Air Speeder 45 Senior
  • The Fujikura Ventus Blue Stiff
  • The Fujikura Air Speeder 45 Regular


The Fujikura Air Speeder 45 Senior

With its use of unique construction and building processes, the Air Speeder blends sturdiness and performance. It has an ultra-lightweight profile that will help you ace your game.

  • Good fiber content
  • Smooth feeling with great stability
  • Helps elevate the ball with lower kicks


Golfers’ Review

According to golfers, although the shaft is rather dynamic, it seems extremely constant with every swing.


The Fujikura Ventus Blue Stiff

This shaft has a stiff tip for evading you from twisting it. It is great for a low-mid and simple low launch. The shaft is perfect for golfers with experience who want to up their game.

  • The Ventus gives an all-business look.
  • This shaft is excellent for low spins.
  • It’s extremely stable and a great upgrade with control.


Golfer’s Review

The Ventus is highly precise, according to golfers. It’s one of the lowest spinning shafts ever.


The Fujikura Air Speeder 45 Regular

These driver shafts are light, swing-stable shafts from Fujikura Air Speeder. Golfers may now enjoy an equivalent transitional flow.

  • Has a smooth balance and good stiffness.
  • Made of advanced graphite materials.
  • Helps experience a transitional flow in set.


Golfers’ Review

Golfers say it provided them with a clean and consistent stiffness dispersion from hand to tip.


TaylorMade Sim2 Max D Driver Custom Shaft Options

Along with these, there are three main shaft options that you can have customized.

  • The Project X HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX 60
  • Fujikura Ventus Blue 5 Senior
  • Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Silver 60 Stiff

Note: These three shafts are among the best on tours and usually come at a cost.


TaylorMade Sim2 Max Driver Shaft Length

The shaft length of a TaylorMade Sim2 Max Driver is 45.75 inches. This driver has a mid-launch.

Note: Use the baseline of your existing driver shaft. Consider a softer flex if your strokes are low and have minimal spin.


TaylorMade Sim2 Max Driver Shaft Tip Size

The shaft tip size of a TaylorMade Sim2 Max Driver is 0.335. This shaft is good for an R, S, and X flex and mid-launch.

Note: Tip-trimming your shaft will significantly tighten it. It improves torsional rigidity too.


TaylorMade Sim2 Max driver Custom Shaft Options

There are three main custom shaft for the Taylormade Sim2 Max driver:

  • EvenFlow Riptide 50 Regular
  • EvenFlow Riptide 60 Regular
  • Helium Black 4 Regular


EvenFlow Riptide 50 Regular

The X EvenFlow Riptide 50 Shaft is a sturdy shaft that is well-designed. It is incredibly firm and sharp at the impact, the most precise shaft tested, by far.


Golfers’ Review

According to golfers, this shaft has a great feel with an amazing counterbalance.

  • It is great for golfers with moderate swing speed.
  • Has a fully balanced power transfer.
  • A smooth and stable shaft throughout the game.


EvenFlow Riptide 60 Regular

For a smoother winter swing, the EvenFlow Riptide offers a near-perfect balance. They are great for a mid-spin and launch, with distances that had plenty of roll-out.

  • Has a gradual flex profile and smooth feel.
  • Reduces twisting with a firm tip.
  • It has a great medium spin and launch.


Golfers’ Review

Golfers seem to love this shaft for its weight and steady balance.


Helium Black 4 Regular

The Helium Black is a lightweight, stable choice suitable for players who want to catch club speed in their drivers and fairway forests.

They are balanced shafts that make swinging riders possible for golfers. They are also designed to accelerate the ball and to forgive.

  • It has a low-resin fiber of carbon.
  • Offers great stability and a smooth feel.
  • Has sufficient weight to boost your confidence on tour.


Golfers’ Review

According to golfers, the shaft can maintain a great balance and has a great feel.


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