I’m struggling with throttle calibration on my Alltrax controller

Hey everyone, I’m really struggling with calibrating the throttle on my golf cart’s Alltrax controller. It’s either too sensitive or not responsive enough, and I can’t seem to get it right. Has anyone else faced this issue? How did you manage to correctly calibrate your Alltrax throttle?


I had a similar issue with my Alltrax controller. What worked for me was using the Alltrax software to adjust the throttle settings. It took some trial and error, but I finally got it to respond just the way I wanted. You might want to give that a try.

Solutions that Worked for Users

SolutionUsers Who Found SuccessApprox. Cost (USD)Approx. Time Needed (Minutes)
Use Alltrax Software for Throttle Adjustment1$0 (DIY)30 – 60
Perform Auto Throttle Calibration1$0 (DIY)15 – 30
Adjust Throttle Rate and Regen Settings1$0 (DIY)30 – 60


  • Throttle response is erratic – either too jerky or not responsive.
  • Difficulty in controlling speed, particularly at lower speeds.
  • Inconsistent acceleration, affecting the overall driving experience.

Possible Causes

  • Incorrect throttle settings in the Alltrax controller.
  • Need for recalibration due to changes in the cart’s mechanical or electrical system.
  • Software-related issues within the Alltrax controller needing fine-tuning.

Solutions that Worked

  1. Use Alltrax Software for Throttle Adjustment
    • What I Did: Made precise adjustments to the throttle settings using the Alltrax software.
    • Outcome: Achieved the desired throttle response and smoother driving experience.
    • Personal Experience: The software allowed for detailed adjustments, which greatly improved throttle control.
    • Steps:
      1. Connect the Alltrax controller to your computer.
      2. Launch the Alltrax software and access the throttle settings.
      3. Make incremental adjustments to the throttle settings, observing the changes.
      4. Test the cart after each adjustment to find the optimal setting.
    • Expert Tip: Familiarize yourself with the Alltrax software’s features for greater control over your cart’s performance. Experiment with different settings for the best results.
    • Handy Tips: Keep notes of your settings changes for future reference. This can be invaluable for troubleshooting or further adjustments.
  2. Perform Auto Throttle Calibration
    • What I Did: Utilized the auto-calibration feature in the Alltrax software.
    • Outcome: Enhanced throttle response and smoother acceleration.
    • Personal Experience: The auto-calibration helped the controller adapt to the throttle’s range, improving responsiveness.
    • Steps:
      1. Connect the Alltrax controller to a computer with the Alltrax software installed.
      2. Open the software and navigate to the auto-calibration feature.
      3. Follow the on-screen instructions to initiate the calibration process.
      4. Once completed, test the cart for improved throttle response.
    • Expert Tip: Regular recalibration can help maintain optimal performance, especially after mechanical changes to the cart.
    • Handy Tips: Ensure your computer’s drivers are up to date to avoid connectivity issues with the Alltrax software.
  3. Adjust Throttle Rate and Regen Settings
    • What I Did: Lowered the throttle rate to 20-25 and decreased max armature regen from 60 to 30.
    • Outcome: Significantly smoother ride with less jerky movements.
    • Personal Experience: This adjustment made the cart more manageable, especially at lower speeds.
    • Steps:
      1. Access the controller settings through the dashboard or under-seat panel.
      2. Locate the throttle rate setting and adjust it to a lower value (20-25 recommended).
      3. Find the max armature regen setting and reduce it from 60 to around 30.
      4. Test drive the cart to assess the impact of these changes.
    • Expert Tip: Be patient with adjustments. Small changes can have a big impact. If the first adjustment doesn’t work, try tweaking the settings incrementally.
    • Handy Tips: Keep a log of your settings changes to track what works best. This can be invaluable for future adjustments or troubleshooting.


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