How to Upgrade Golf Cart Speed (Chip, Magnet, Code 2,3,4,5)

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How to Make your Golf Cart Go Faster

The best way to make your golf cart go faster is by upgrading to larger tires, increasing the RPM, or by using speed chips and magnets.

Most golf carts today are used for not just the game alone, but also activities like farming, racing, camping, hunting and a lot more. These activities require the carts to go faster than their usual speeds.

There are various methods to make the cart go faster. Some of them are simple, straightforward and inexpensive while others come at a relatively high cost.

Steps to make your Golf Cart Faster:

  1. Alter the gear ratio
  2. Use bigger tires
  3. Increase overall RPM
  4. Use a high powered battery
  5. Use a speed chip or magnet


  • Alter the gear ratio

This method is slightly expensive. The standard gear ratio for most golf carts is 12.5:1. For every 12.5 revolutions made by the input shaft, the wheels will accomplish one full rotation. Lowering this ratio to 6:1 will help the cart move faster by increasing the speed from 12 to 14mph.


  • Use bigger tires for the cart

This method is not as expensive as the above option. It can be adopted for both electric and gas golf carts. The bigger the diameter of the tire, the higher the speed. However, keep in mind that it’s essential for the tires to always be inflated to the right pressure.


  • Increase the overall rpm of the cart

There are two ways this can be achieved in a gas golf cart. The first option is to adjust the mechanical ground speed governor assembly. The second method is to replace the engine with one that has a higher rpm output.

There are multiple options for raising the rpm in an electric cart. One option is to change the motor with a motor of higher rpm, especially if you have a torque motor. Another option is to retain the current motor but increase its voltage rating. 


  • Replace the present battery with high power battery

This method takes hardly any time to get done. It’s important to know the voltage of the golf cart batteries before making the change. This information will be available on the batteries themselves. You can also check the golf cart manual or motor for this detail.


What are Golf Cart Speed Chips?

As the name indicates, golf cart speed chips increase the speed of the cart. They help the cart to go at a speed faster than its pre-programmed speed limit set in the electronic system.

These speed chips can be used with only certain cart models and can be installed easily without any tool. You can buy a speed chip from online retailers like Amazon at an affordable price.

To know if the golf cart supports a speed chip, you can check the computer controller present near the battery pack under the passenger seat for a run-tow switch.

If this is present, you can use a speed chip with your golf cart.


How to Install Speed Chip in Golf Cart

Golf cart owners can install speed chips themselves without professional assistance. Here is how you can install a speed chip in EZGO golf cart PDS by following five simple steps.

  1. Set the run-tow switch to tow position.
  2. Remove the environmental cover present over the controller.
  3. Plug in the speed chip inside the controller.
  4. Replace the controller environmental cover.
  5. Reset the run-tow switch to run position.

To know the speed or mode achieved after plugging in the speed chip, set the run-tow switch to tow position and move the forward/reverse switch from the neutral to reverse position five times. Check out the number of beeps after you do the fifth toggle.

  • One beep – 13.5mph all-terrain
  • Two beeps – 13.5mph steep hill
  • Three beeps – 14.5mph mild hill
  • Four beeps – 19mph freedom (Speed)

If you hear more beeps, then it’s an indication of installing the wrong speed chip.


Is there a Club Car Speed Chip?

There are no speed chips for a Club Car. However, there are a couple of things you can do to increase the speed. If the Club Car is an IQ cart, you can get it upgraded to Speed Code 4 to get the maximum speed for the cart. It’s worth noting that the motor and controller may also have to be upgraded if it’s a series cart.

The other option to increase the speed for an IQ cart is to get a new magnet installed below the speed controller.


EZGO Speed Chip Instructions

The EZ-Go speed chip or freedom chip can be used with 2000 model golf carts or later with electric power drive systems. This helps to increase the speed of the cart from 13.5mph to 19mph.

  1. Lift the passenger seat of the cart and locate the computer controller housed adjacent to the battery pack.
  2. Check if the controller has a run-tow switch. Carts without this switch can’t make use of a speed chip. Adjust the switch to tow mode.
  3. Check if a forward/reverse switch is located on the panel under the steering wheel. Set this switch midway between the forward and reverse positions in the neutral position.
  4. Take off the environmental cover that is above the computer controller.
  5. Plug the speed chip into the slot designated for this purpose. This is on the right side of the controller towards the bottom.
  6. Fold the extending red wires that protrude from the top so that they’re out of the way.
  7. Put the environmental cover back over the computer controller.
  8. Move the forward/reverse switch to the reverse position from a neutral position five times rapidly. The computer controller starts beeping and produces four beeps after a few seconds. This indicates that it has been set to the freedom mode.
  9. Set the run-tow switch back to run position to activate the freedom mode and allow the cart to attain the maximum 19mph speed.
  10. Place the passenger seat back to its original position.
  11. Press the forward button and control the speed of the cart using the accelerator pedal.

You can’t use a speed chip in an EZGO TXT Series golf cart. If you’re driving a 2002 EZGO Electric 36V TXT PDS golf cart on hilly terrain with four people, it’s advisable not to opt for speed freedom or steep hill chip as it can burn the motor because of the load.

Consider getting a new 400 amps controller, diode, solenoid, resistor and cables.

If you see very little speed difference on the road with the speed chip installed, you’ll have to replace the stock tires of the golf cart with tires of larger diameter.


Does a Golf Cart Speed Magnet Really Work?

A golf cart speed sensor magnet increases the speed by up to 21mph on a 48V Precedent IQ and Club Car DS golf carts that use ADC motors without any loss of torque. With a slight reduction in torque, the speed can be increased further up to 28mph.

The speed sensor magnet can be replaced easily in the speed sensor. It can be installed in five to ten minutes without any adjustment to the controller or other parts.

The magnet boosts the current speed by 6 to 7mph. Carts with Speed 3 setting will have a revised speed of 20 to 26mph while those with Speed 4 setting show an increased speed of 26 to 28mph. Speed increases are experienced uphill, downhill and on flat surfaces.


Will Speed Code 4 Work if a High-Speed Magnet Doesn’t?

A Speed Code 4 setting in a Club Car DS with an ADC motor will work effectively as long as the high-speed magnet in the cart is in good condition. When the cart is programmed to Speed Code 4 setting, the motor of the golf cart will move at 19.6mph.

This indicates that the high-speed magnet increases the maximum permitted RPM to above the speed you would otherwise get.

If you don’t get this speed, it’s often because of a faulty MCOR in your cart. It’s worth changing your existing controller to an Alltrax ACT controller as it helps in self-diagnosis through the free software that you can access from their website.


How to Install a Golf Cart Speed Magnet

  1. Pull out the existing magnet from the motor armature shaft.
  2. Place the new magnet in this position. This will be just below the sensor and must be pressed lightly at the end of the motor’s armature shaft.
  3. Tap it gently with a wood dowel until it’s flush with the shaft.

Remember to mount the golf cart on jack stands when you do the above. Also, pull the inner fender and rear pass wheel out. Use a paint can lid remover to pull the magnet out.

Sometimes, you may have to remove the inner wheel cover lining for the installation. When you install the magnet, ensure that the eight dots face the sensor.


Speed Magnet Not Working on My Golf Cart

One reason that the speed magnet may not be working on the golf cart is that it has been turned the wrong way. Another reason is that it could be functioning as a standard magnet. This can be confirmed by checking it with another magnet to determine the number of poles it has. There should be four north poles and four south poles.


Speed Code Change isn’t Working

The speed code change is not likely to work if there is a problem with the speed controller. It might be worth changing to an Alltrax controller. Sometimes, you may have to make changes to the regeneration programmed in the controller. A dealer will be able to offer assistance in this regard.


EZGO Golf Cart Speed Sensor Magnet

In an EZGO PDS golf cart, installing a high-speed magnet can increase the speed from 19 to 23mph. This speed can be increased to 23mph by swapping the cable. The speed can go up to around 24 to 25mph with bigger tires.


Club Car Precedent Speed Magnet

Installing a new speed magnet along with Speed code 4 setting on the Club Car Precedent may not increase the speed to the desired limit. It’s worthwhile substituting the old motor with a new Plum Quick Bandit motor for the desired speed. Also, consider changing the controller to get the best speed plus torque combination.


Club Car DS Speed Magnet

The Club Car DS may not give the desired speed with a new speed magnet because may be faulty. There could also be a loose cable connection in the motor or elsewhere. Ensure that the magnet is inserted so that the indentations face towards the motor.


What are Golf Cart Speed Codes?


Code Number

Effect on Golf Cart

Speed Code 1

The lowest speed code that comes set by default in the cart to allow it to move at 8mph

Speed Code 2

Increases the speed of the cart from default speed to 11mph

Speed Code 3

Increases the speed of the cart from either 8or 11mph to 14.7mph

Speed Code 4

Moves the cart at 19.7mph by raising the rev limit without making any other rpm restrictions such as power or other aspects

Speed Code 5

Removes all speed limits and moves the cart at 21+mph


Most cart dealers agree to set the first three codes for free. However, they charge a fee for setting the last two codes because they have to be ordered specifically based on the serial number and controller of the golf cart.


How to Change the Speed Code in a Club Car Precedent

  1. Determine the speed code of your golf cart using a Curtis handheld programmer.
  2. Get the assistance of a Club Car dealer to set the code according to your preference. You’ll need a code kit for doing this.


The A, B and C codes for each cart are different and if your cart uses a PQ IQ motor, there is no need to use Speed code 4 for maximum speed.


What is Golf Cart Speed Code 2?

  • Speed code 2 refers to slow speed of the golf cart.
  • The speed code 2 boosts the speed of the Club Car from 8 to 11mph. In some cases, you get a faster speed of 13.4mph.


What is Golf Cart Speed Code 3?

  • Speed code 3 refers to the normal speed of the golf cart.
  • Using this code allows you to run the cart at an average speed of 14.8mph.


What is Golf Cart Speed Code 4?

  • Speed code 4 refers to the private speed mode of the golf cart.
  • Using this code allows the golf cart to move at a speed of 19.7 mph.
  • This code removes only some rpm restrictions present on the controller.
  • A speed code 4 may not work if the cart has a faulty or failing MCOR.


What is Golf Cart Speed Code 5?

  • This speed code allows the golf cart to go at the highest possible speed.
  • The code removes all rpm restrictions so that the stock controller performs like an Alltrax controller to give maximum torque and speed by matching the controller with the motor.
  • The speed code has motor speed/RPM limits unlike speed magnets for the driver’s safety.


How to Upgrade Club Car DS Speed

  1. Get high-speed gears fitted in the golf cart at the rear end.
  2. Replace the existing tires with bigger sized ones.
  3. Upgrade the stock controller to a 400-amp controller.
  4. Install a new motor with 2ga cables and a stock solenoid.
  5. Fit copper bars on the F/R.


How to Upgrade Club Onward Speed

  1. Turn off the Pedal-up mode that prevents the regenerative braking action after the pedal is released. However, the regenerative braking will restrict the top-speed to a preset maximum RPM in the controller.
  2. Turn off the Excel braking to stop the cart from slowing down on its own when the pedal is being released.
  3. Fix a zip tie on to the governor spring. The zip tie may either be wrapped around or clipped on the plug wire.
  4. Install an RPM tachometer and make the desired adjustment to the throttle cable.
  5. Fit the lift kit of the cart with a powerful controller like the Alltrax XCT400, a solenoid with a minimum 200A rating and minimum 4ga cables for the power delivery system.


Yamaha G1 Speed Upgrade

  1. Disable the governor by drilling its arm out and get the cart fitted with stock tires. Alternatively, manipulate the governor by pulling it tight and putting a zip tie over it or tightening the 10mm nut.
  2. Raise the ports of the golf cart. Make sure that you have the correct carburetor fitted for this purpose.


Yamaha G2 Speed Upgrade

  1. Modify or get the existing clutch changed to a stock pulse-type clutch and get a spring fitted on the same.
  2. Swap the existing engine for a more powerful one. Opt for a clone engine rather than a stock engine.
  3. Adjust the governor by turning the 10mm nut on the threaded rod towards the inside as much as it will go. Alternatively, wrap a zip tie around the governor and pull it tight.
  4. Bypass the governor and connect the throttle pedal cable to the carburetor.


Yamaha G19 Speed Upgrade

  1. Change the present motor to a motor that renders high torque.
  2. Upgrade the cables and controller to 4ga cables and 400-amp solenoid respectively.


Yamaha G29 Speed Upgrade

  1. Turn the 10mm nut on the governor to the inside as far as it will go. Alternatively, wrap a zip tie around the spring and bracket and pull it tight.
  2. Get the cart fitted with bigger tires than the ones currently used.
  3. Get the OEM controller reprogrammed or upgraded to give a speed of 19mph. For an additional speed of 5mph, get a roadrunner motor installed.


How to upgrade EZGO RXV Speed

  1. For models 2012 and higher with a Curtis controller, get a dealer’s assistance to use the passkey in freedom mode. For earlier models, get a speed code from the dealer.
  2. If the cart already has a speed of 19mph, change to bigger-sized tires of 20 inches without any lift.
  3. If the cart has a 350-amp controller, it can be programmed to the desired speed.


How to Upgrade EZGO TXT Speed

  1. Spin the motor at a high rpm by increasing the battery pack voltage to 48V. Alternatively, consider installing a new high-speed motor.
  2. Install a motor controller that has a higher amp output than your present controller in the series cart.


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