How to Set Up Your Golf Simulator Projector (Full Guide)

Golf simulator projector setup

Can you use any projector for a golf simulator?

Yes, you can use any projector for your golf simulator. However, you must consider certain factors for getting the best out of your projector. 

  • Throw ratio
  • Brightness/power
  • Resolution
  • Aspect ratio
  • Connectivity
  • Warranty


Throw ratio

This aspect defines the distance from the screen to the projector so that you get the optimum width on the simulator. A short-throw projector works best when space is an issue and prevents shadows from being displayed on the screen.



This feature is represented in terms of lumens. You must ideally choose a projector that displays brightly even in light settings. The clarity of the image on the screen is directly related to the brightness offered by the projector.



This aspect is related to the number of pixels projected on the screen while displaying the image. You must consider getting a projector that supports high resolution so that there is no compromise on the clarity rendered.


Aspect ratio

A projector often supports a 16:9 or a 4:3 aspect ratio. The ratio can be switched from one to the other with a compromise on the resolution. It’s best to get a projector that has a native aspect ratio that matches the preferred screen size as much as possible.



You can opt for a wireless projector or one that supports a variety of connectivity options. Choose a projector that can be connected to your simulator without any hassles. As a wireless projector isn’t always the fastest option, consider opting for a projector with HDMI connectivity.



Make sure that you buy one that meets your requirements and comes with a warranty tag attached to it. It’s recommended not to buy one that comes without a warranty.


Does a golf simulator need a short-throw projector?

While it’s not necessary for a golf simulator to have a short-throw projector, using this type of projector has its advantages. A short-throw projector prevents shadows from being displayed on the screen. It’s also helpful if you’re using the simulator in a room where space is a constraint or the room size is very small.


Golf simulator projector placement

You can place the golf simulator projector in a position that isn’t exactly behind you. You must also keep it away from your swing area so that you don’t hit it with the golf ball or golf club accidentally. The four preferred options are:

  • Above the screen and in the middle
  • Above the screen and off-center
  • Side-mounted
  • In front and center of the floor


Above the screen and in the middle

When you opt for this position, you must be able to take a full swing with your golf club without hitting the projector. Also, make sure that your shadow doesn’t fall on the image.


Above the screen and off-center

This position involves keeping the projector at a slight inclination. However, you should ensure that the image isn’t distorted and you don’t have to do keystone correction.



This placement is a good option if the room size is small. The advantage of this position is that the projector will be able to do a horizontal key correction. Also, there is no chance of accidentally hitting it with the golf club.


In front and center of the floor

Again, this position is ideal if you have a space problem or want to place the projector in a protective enclosure. It’s also a suitable option if you want to have your projector ahead of you and on the floor.


Should I mount my golf simulator projector on the floor or ceiling?

If you want to adopt the traditional method of mounting the golf simulator projector, you may consider the ceiling mount option. This option is also ideal if floor mounting will not work out for reasons such as lack of space, etc.

On the other hand, if your room has a ceiling height of about 12 feet and you have enough space for a platform of four to five inches, you can place the projector on the floor.              

It’s worth noting that if your projector isn’t offset, a floor mount projector tends to get hit more by the golf ball while a ceiling mount projector is affected by the golf club.


How far does a golf projector screen have to be from the wall?

A golf projector screen should ideally be at a minimum distance of 12 to 16 inches (30.48cm to 40.64cm) from the wall. You can also take some buffer distance into consideration to avoid contact with surrounding objects.


How to mount a golf simulator projector

Mounting a golf simulator projector is a relatively easy process. It’s a good idea to get the following tools and parts ready before starting the mounting process.

  • Hitting enclosure
  • Ramp system
  • Thumbscrew
  • Surge protector
  • Power cord


The following steps help in mounting a projector to a golf simulator.

  1. Set up a hitting enclosure to avoid chances of mishits and hitting your golf ball all over the place.
  2. Match the aspect ratio of the projector to that of the screen that you’ll be using.
  3. Place the golf simulator screen in the desired position.
  4. Keep the projector in the center of the golf simulator screen.
  5. Install a ramp system below the projector and keep it on the floor.
  6. Secure the ramp systemin place using thumbscrews so that it doesn’t move about.
  7. Make sure that you center the projector to avoid image distortion.
  8. Measure the distance between the screen and the projector. This distance varies from one projector to another.
  9. Fix a surge protector behind your projector.
  10. Connect one end of the power cord to the surge protector and the other end to the projector.
  11. Ensure that the projector is powered well.


How far does a golf simulator projector have to be from an 80-inch screen?

If you have a 16:10 aspect ratio screen, the golf simulator projector must be at a distance of 97 to 106 inches (248 to 270 cm) from an 80-inch screen. For a 4:3 aspect ratio, this distance should be 110 to 121 inches (281 to 306 cm).


How far does a golf simulator projector have to be from a 120-inch screen?

If you have a 16:10 aspect ratio screen, the golf simulator projector must be at a distance of 147 to 160 inches (373 to 407 cm) from a 120-inch screen. For a 4:3 aspect ratio, this distance should be 166 to 181 inches (422 to 461 cm).


How far does a golf simulator projector have to be from a 100-inch screen?

If you have a 16:10 aspect ratio screen, the golf simulator projector must be at a distance of 122 to 133 inches (310 to 338 cm) from a 100-inch screen. For a 4:3 aspect ratio, this distance should be 138 to 151 inches (351 to 383 cm).


How far does a golf simulator projector have to be from a 150-inch screen?

If you have a 16:10 aspect ratio screen, the golf simulator projector must be at a distance of 184 to 200 inches (467 to 509 cm) from a 150-inch screen. For a 4:3 aspect ratio, this distance should be 208 to 227 inches (529 to 577 cm).


Golf simulator projector recommended distance from the screen

The throw distance refers to the distance of the projector from the screen. If a projector has a throw ratio of 2 and if the image has a width of 12 inches (30.48 cm), the projector will have to be 24 inches (60.96 cm) away from the screen.  In other words, the throw distance in inches should be double the width of the desired image projection.


What is the required room height for a golf projector?

The minimum required room height for a golf simulator is 102 inches (259.08 cm). This is ideally the recommended size for tall players as well as players of average size. However, for short players, the ceiling height of your golf simulator can be slightly smaller than the standard height.


What is the recommended golf simulator screen size?

For a standard screen with a 4:3 aspect ratio, the ideal golf simulator screen size is 144 x 108 (W x H) inches. On the other hand, for widescreen with a 16:9 aspect ratio, the preferred screen size is 192 x 108 (W x H) inches.

It’s recommended that you use a 180 x 108 (W x H) inches screen so that you can alternate between a standard screen and widescreen based on the projector that you use.


How to hang a golf impact screen from the ceiling?

You can hang a golf impact screen from the ceiling by hanging it in a frame with EMT pipes and using support on all sides. Keep in mind that the distance between the wall towards which you plan to hit and the impact screen should be at least two feet. The enclosure should hang below the ceiling by one foot.

You must equip yourself with the following parts and tools before you go about hanging the golf impact screen.

  • A 9-foot wide and 10- to 12-foot wide impact screen.
  • Two 3/4-inch conduit elbows.
  • One 1/2-inch x 10-foot EMT conduit.
  • One 12-foot small link chain.
  • Two 1/2-inch conduit caps.
  • Six ceiling hook screws.
  • One 3/4-inch x 10-foot PVC tubes.


You can hang the golf impact screen from the ceiling by following these steps given below.

  1. Check the ceiling at various points and find the points where the studs are located. You can mark these points for future reference.
  2. Measure the distance from one hook to the other on the EMT conduit caps.
  3. Insert the ceiling hook screws into the studs and screw them on both sides.
  4. Put the EMT conduit inside the impact screen.
  5. Place the eye hooks and conduit caps at both ends.
  6. Cut the chain equally so that there are two chains of the same size.
  7. Connect one end of each chain to the ceiling hooks and eye hook.


How do I connect my SkyTrak to a projector?

To connect your SkyTrak to a projector, you must first charge your SkyTrak and download the SkyTrak app. This app is compatible with Windows PCs as well as Android and iOS devices.

Once you’re done with these steps, you should register your SkyTrak and pair it with your PC or iPad through a direct Wi-Fi or USB connection or a home network connection.

After completing the above prerequisites, you can connect the SkyTrak to a projector by various methods based on whether you use a PC or an iPad.


Using a PC

This connection is very simple and all you need is an HDMI cable to do this. Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the PC directly and the other end to the projector.


Using an iPad

This connection can be done directly using a lightning digital AV adapter and an HDMI cable or through an AirPlay connection.


Direct connection

  1. Connect the lightning digital AV adapter to your compatible Apple iPad.
  2. Connect one end of the HDMI cable directly to the adapter and the other end to the projector.


AirPlay connection

You will require an iPad or a similar AirPlay capable device or an Apple TV for this type of connection.

Open the ’Control Center‘ on your iPad and select ’AirPlay‘ followed by ’Apple‘. You will find the iPad display mirrored on the projector.


BenQ Vs Optoma golf simulator projector

The following list highlights some differences between the BenQ and Optoma golf simulator projectors based on the experiences of some golfers.

  • The Optoma is a better choice over the BenQ if you’re looking for a short-throw projector for your golf simulator. While the Optoma can fill the screen from a distance of 7 feet, the distance required between the BenQ and the screen is 9 feet.
  • The BenQ scores over the Optoma in terms of image rendition as the images rendered by the former offers better clarity and color for the images. While most players feel that the brightness of both projectors is the same, some of them believe that the brightness is a bit more with the BenQ projector.
  • The Optoma has a bigger image offset when compared with the BenQ. This allows it to be placed at a slightly longer distance away from the players resulting in less chance of accidental hits.


Optoma X318STgolf simulator projector

The list below gives some key aspects of the Optoma X318ST golf simulator projector that are worth noting.

  • This short-throw projector comes with a 0.62:1 throw ratio. The short-throw feature makes the projector a good choice for those who want to use it in places where space is a problem.
  • The lamps have a long life of 10,000 hours. This makes it possible to use the projector for several years with minimum or no maintenance at all.
  • The Optoma projector has a brightness of 3,300 lumens and renders really bright pictures with excellent clarity as well as 3D support.
  • The projector supports mounting in several positions such as ceiling mount, front mount, and rear mount.
  • The projector supports a wide range of connectivity options that allows connection to several types of devices.
  • The Optoma projector is a good choice for beginners and professionals alike.

To sum up, the Optoma X318ST golf simulator projector is an excellent choice for golfers who want to connect a projector to their simulators and improve their game. There are hardly any disadvantages associated with this projector. Moreover, the affordable price is a plus point.


Optoma EH200ST Vs GT1080HDR golf simulator projector

Some key differences noted by experienced golfers, between the Optoma EH200ST and GT1080HDR golf simulator projectors are given below.

  • The Optoma EH200ST is a better option when compared to the GT1080HDR for use in rooms with space constraints because of its smaller throw distance.
  • The Optoma GT1080HDR scores over the EH200ST for those who want HDR support as the former projector features HDR10 input format while the latter doesn’t support HDR.
  • The GT1080HDR is the right choice for those who want zooming functionality as it has 2x digital zoom capability while this isn’t supported by the Optoma EHT200ST.
  • The EH200ST is preferred over the GT1080HDR if portability is important. It weighs only 6 pounds while the GT1080HDR is slightly heavier at 7.7 pounds.
  • The Optoma GT1080HDRtakes the lead over the EHT200ST in terms of lamp power and brightness as it has a lamp power of 245W and a maximum brightness of 3,800 lumens. On the other hand, the EHT200ST has a lamp power of 190W and a maximum brightness of 3,000 lumens.
  • The Optoma EH200ST offers a fixed offset of 116% while the GT1080HDR provides an adjustable offset of 116% +/-5%.


Optoma EH460ST golf simulator projector

The Optoma EH460ST golf simulator projector has quite a few noteworthy aspects that have helped golfers progress with their game.

  • This projector is a short-throw projector with a 0.5:1 throw ratio making it ideal for rooms with space shortage and golf simulation setups.
  • The Full HD 1920 x 1080 renders detailed and sharp images without compression or downscaling. Along with the vertical keystone correction facility, this makes the projector an ideal option for golf simulation.
  • The 4,200 lumens brightness results in a bright projection that makes the image portrayed on the golf simulator screen visible in both bright and dark settings.
  • The Dynamic Black technology supports lamp output adjustment for an excellent contrast ratio so that bright images are clear and crisp, whereas, dark images are detailed.
  • The ’Auto Power OFF‘ feature turns the projector OFF automatically after a certain time when players forget to turn it OFF after their practice.
  • The projector features easy connectivity with one MHL port and two HDMI ports.


ViewSonic M1 portable golf simulator projector

The ViewSonic M1 portable golf simulator projector has some features worth mentioning that makes it sought after by golfers who want to set up a golf simulation kit to improve their game.

  • This projector features a short-throw lens that helps to portray images in big size even when it’s used in a small room. It allows projection from a short distance of 8 feet and 9 inches up to a distance of 100 inches.
  • The operational life of more than 30,000 hours makes the projector ideal for long-term use.
  • It is lightweight and can be moved from one room to another if players want to try the golf simulation set up from different rooms.


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