How to Fix a EZGO that Has No Power/Losing Power (STEPS)

EZGO golf cart has no power

Why does my EZGO golf cart have no power?

The reason for a EZGO golf cart having no power can be due to a battery that has drained, the spark plug not working, or snapped electrical cables.

  • The battery is draining- It is one of the most common causes of the Ezgo golf cart having no power to move. Every battery has a life. If the battery is too old or there is some fault in the cells, the battery malfunctions. If the battery’s electrolytic balance is not optimal, it may have no power as it does not recharge.
  • Faulty spark plug: Check the spark plug. Many times spark plugs malfunction, and they do not send proper current for ignition. Replacing the spark plug if the battery is ok can solve the problem.
  • Snapped electrical cables – Any small fault in the electrical circuit will not give power to the cart. The battery terminal may get snapped, or any other small electrical wire connected to the electrical circuit or a blown-fuse can disrupt the cart’s power supply. Checking them is best to get the proper solution.


Why is my EZGO golf cart losing power?

The main reason why a EZGO golf cart can lose power is because the battery is not charging due to loose cables or  the corrosion of the connecting terminals.

If they become loose or some of the electrical circuits’ connecting wires snap, the battery loses power. Again short-circuit in the ignition system can drain out the battery. 

  • Check the terminals – The terminals that connect the battery can corrode. Opening the battery compartment and checking the ends for corrosion can solve the problem. Cleaning the corrosion and deposition like sulfur and others can bring back the battery to full power without any leakage.  
  • Tighten the terminals – Tighten both ends of the terminal. Loose terminals do not give adequate power, and they drain the battery. If the cart operates on rough surfaces, sometimes the terminals get loose. Tightening them solves the problem. 
  • Checking electrical circuit – Observing all the electrical connections for any worn out wire and replacing them can solve the problem. Sometimes some links snap, but the cart can move with hiccups, but the battery drains out. Checking the electrical wires and replacing the defective ones can solve the problem. 
  • Electrical short-circuit – It can happen anytime. To my experience, many times, the battery loses power or drains out due to an electrical short circuit. Checking the electrical lines can prevent the battery from malfunction.

If your battery is too old, the meter or the indicator may show full charge, but they drain out quickly and lose power. It is time to replace the battery.


Why EZGO Gas Golf cart has no power

The main reason for EZGO gas golf cart having no power is the problem in the battery, electrical circuit, including spark plug or ignition key problems. First, check the battery with a voltmeter. If the readings in the voltmeter are ok, then the battery is running without any fault.

  • Now check the electrical wires for loose contact, snaps, and any blown-out fuse. Many times the spark plug gives problems, and cleaning or replacing is necessary. If these areas are ok, checking the ignition key area is one of the options.
  • The slot or the ignition key damages due to heavy usage, and the contact fails. Changing the key or the ignition button can solve most of the problems.

However, if everything is fine and still there is no power in the EZGO, it is best to take help from an expert and solve the problem.


Why EZGO PDS no power

The EZGO PDS can have no power if the reed switch or the reed switch wires are faulty or have dents in them.

Again if the key switch wire that connects the controller does not have power in them, then the EZGO PDS will not start or work.  Sometimes many owners like me directly connect the headlights with the battery. It can drain the battery.

  • If the battery is ok and giving the required voltage, the reed switch wire is also passing the necessary voltage; then the key switch is giving problem in this situation. Checking other electrical connections and the fuse will eliminate the scope of errors. If the battery is old and almost dead, they don’t work in chilling cold weather. Therefore, replacing the battery is best.
  • Otherwise, it can be the reed switch or the wires that need replacement, disconnection of the direct headlight wires or changing the reed switch wires that will solve the problem in most of the times. Look at the connection of the run/ tow switch. It should always stay in on position.
  • Checking all the electrical connections and the life of the battery and correcting the flaws if any is the solution for getting ample power in the EZGO PDS to work having adequate power.


Why EZGO RXV no power

If your EZGO RXV golf cart has no power, the main reason is a defective solenoid or blown-out fuse.

Again it may be that the controller connected to the motor is not getting enough power. Also, the ignition key switch can give trouble after years of using.

  • However, this is only possible if the battery is active and not too old. Checking the battery condition before looking at the other options is always better. If the battery is too old and the voltmeter is not giving the proper reading, it is best to replace the battery.
  • If the battery is ok, there might be problems in the solenoid or a fuse has blown out. The wires connecting the controller can lose or have dents too. Replacing them is easy as the EZGO RXV has an easy diagnostic tool.


Why EZGO TXT no power

The EZGO TXT does not get power and move for various reasons. It runs at 36 volts. If the battery malfunctions or is too old, the motor of the cart will not get enough power and run.

  • Changing the controller can also solve the problem, and the cart can run with full power. Sometimes, the solenoids do not click indicating that they are malfunctioning or the electrical wires connecting it is damaged. If the electric wire needs replacement, it is best to replace them without repairing.
  • Again, even after replacing the battery or the wires the EZGO TXTdo not start, then there should be some problem in the solenoid or the ignition part. Changing them can give easy solutions to the problem and get enough power to move the cart at any speed on any road.


Why EZGO RXV is losing power

The main reason for the EZGO RXV  losing power is a weak battery. If the battery is old or has some dead and dry cells, the battery drains fast. 

Again if the battery terminals are loose or there is a short circuit in the electrical wiring, the battery loses power.

  • Check for any wiring loose connections or the ignition key with a voltmeter to figure out the problems. Loosing of power generally happens for these reasons. Again, if the battery is somewhat ok, but one is driving with high speed, the battery loses power soon. Maintaining an average speed helps to sustain the energy in the battery.

I once, kept the headlines on while driving with my EZGO RXV in broad daylight. The battery lost power after some time. So switching off all unnecessary electrical attachments and gadgets can save battery. These attachments and devices can drain much of the battery energy.


Why EZGO TXT is losing power

EZGO TXT loses power if the battery is old or is not recharging properly. It can also lose power if there is any electrical short-circuits or use of high wattage audio devices or unnecessarily turning on the headlight.

  • Check the battery age, and replacing the old battery to get adequate power is the best option. If the battery is ok and still the EZGO TXT lose power, then there is some electrical short-circuit that is exhausting the battery sooner than expected. Checking the automatic recharging mechanism of the battery can give some clue.
  • Again playing high wattage music system in the cart and loud volumes or driving the cart always at high speed can drain the battery. There should be a balance between every action in operating the EZGO TXT so that the battery doesn’t lose power.


Why EZGO PDS is losing power

The EZGO PDS can lose power because of a almost dead battery. It is natural to lose power, and there is a voltage drop when the EZGO PDS starts. However, this loss regains after running the cart for some time.

If however, the cart frequently loses power, then check the battery voltage with a voltameter. It may so happen that the life of the battery is over and it is malfunctioning. Some damage cells in the battery don’t give enough power.

Again, a problem in the ignition key or any electrical short-circuits or always running the EZGO PDS at high speed can drain the battery. Playing music system at high volume also drains the battery. If all of these are ok, then it is the battery problem.


How to fix 48-volt EZGO loss of power

If there is a loss of power in the 48-volt EZGO, the main reason can be a weak battery or the solenoid. In my cart, the loss of power was due to the defects in the solenoid. The power supply became normal after replacing the solenoid. However, my cart battery was new.

The life of the battery is another cause of loss of power in 48 volts EZGO. Checking the battery with a voltmeter can give an idea about the life of the battery. Replacing the old battery can solve the problem. Some loose connections in the circuit can cause loss of power, and necessary rectification can solve the power loss issue.


EZGO golf cart loses power going uphill

While the EZGO golf cart loses power going uphill, the main reason can be low battery or problem in the motor to give the required speed.

  • Identifying battery problems – It is best to do a load test of the battery. Despite having a proper voltage, the battery may not hold the charge. Doing an alligator clip lead test and connecting them with the battery ends and checking the voltage drop while driving can give an idea. If the battery voltage drop is significant, then it is time to replace it with a new one.
  • Checking the motor – If there is no drop in voltage, then the motor is giving trouble. It will be if you consult an expert to solve your problem. 
  • Checking the brakes – Sometimes jammed brake pedals also prevent the motor from running in full rpm. Checking the brakes can and fixing the problem can prevent power loss while going uphill. But one can feel issues with the brake and the speed and power in plains too. 


EZGO has no power to solenoid

If the EZGO has no power to the solenoid, it may be due to burning of the solenoid output ends of the controller. Sometimes the outputs burn due to short-circuit or any electrical malfunctions. Replacing the solenoid in this type of case is best. Replacing solves the problems in maximum occasions.


EZGO has no power to key switch

The problem of EZGO having no power to the key switch may be due to worn out wires or loose contact. Checking the wiring to the key switch as well as to the battery can solve the problem.

Also, check for any blown out fuses and replacing them if any can get rid of the problem. Otherwise, there are no significant reasons except a dead battery.


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