How can I safely turn off regen braking on my golf cart?

I’ve been scratching my head trying to figure out how to turn off the regen braking system on my golf cart. I’m tired of it slowing me down every time I let go of the accelerator. But I also don’t want to mess up any of the cart’s systems. Has nyone solvd this yet?


I feel you! I was in the same boat, wanting to disable the regen braking but worried about damaging my cart. One method that really worked for me was using a Club Car programmer to tweak the regen settings.

Solutions that worked for users

SolutionUsers Who Found SuccessPersonal ExperienceEstimated Cost (USD)Time Needed (Minutes)
Adjust Regen with Club Car Programmer1Regen successfully disabled$010-15
Press Down on the Accelerator Slightly1Regen effectively bypassed$0Immediate
Unplug Wires from the Motor1Regen disabled successfully$05-10


  • Regen braking kicks in when you least expect it
  • Struggling to maintain a consistent speed due to regen braking
  • Unwanted slowing down when you take your foot off the accelerator

Possible Causes

  • Regen braking system is activated by default
  • Controller settings are programmed to engage regen braking
  • Speed sensor is set to trigger regen braking

Solutions that Worked

1. Adjust Regen with Club Car Programmer

What I Did: Utilized a specialized Club Car programmer to modify the regen settings.
Outcome: Successfully turned off the regen braking system.
Personal Experience: After making the necessary adjustments, the regen braking was completely disabled, and my cart was finally free to coast.
Estimated Cost: $0
Time Needed: 10-15 minutes


  1. Locate a Club Car programmer, usually available at specialized repair shops.
  2. Connect the programmer to the cart’s controller.
  3. Navigate through the programmer’s menu to find the regen settings.
  4. Adjust the regen settings to disable it.
  5. Test the cart to ensure the regen braking is disabled.

Expert Tip:

If you’re not comfortable using a Club Car programmer, it’s best to consult a professional. Incorrect settings could lead to performance issues or even damage your cart.

2. Press Down on the Accelerator Slightly

What I Did: Applied slight pressure on the accelerator while going downhill.
Outcome: Successfully bypassed the regen braking system.
Personal Experience: This simple trick allowed me to bypass the regen braking and maintain my desired speed.
Estimated Cost: $0
Time Needed: Immediate


  1. As you start going downhill, keep your foot lightly on the accelerator.
  2. Apply just enough pressure to maintain your speed without engaging the regen braking.

Expert Tip:

This is a quick fix and not a permanent solution. It’s useful for situations where you need immediate relief from regen braking, like steep hills.

3. Unplug Wires from the Motor

What I Did: Detached the red, black, and green wires from the motor’s rear end.
Outcome: Successfully deactivated the regen braking system.
Personal Experience: After unplugging the wires, my cart stopped engaging the regen braking, and I could coast freely.
Estimated Cost: $0
Time Needed: 5-10 minutes


  1. Turn off the cart and ensure it’s in a stable position.
  2. Locate the motor at the back of the cart.
  3. Identify the red, black, and green wires connected to the motor.
  4. Carefully unplug these wires.
  5. Test the cart in a controlled environment to ensure the regen braking is disabled.

Expert Tip:

Always test the cart in a safe, controlled environment after making any changes. This ensures that you haven’t accidentally affected any other systems.

Golf Cart Models Where This Worked

  • 2005 Yamaha Electric Cart
  • 2007 Par Car
  • Club Car Precedent (Year not specified)

Safety info

  • Always consult your golf cart’s manual before making any changes. Some carts have specific procedures for disabling features.
  • If your cart is still under warranty, check if these changes will void it.
  • Always use insulated tools to avoid any electrical shocks when working with wires.


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