Golf Cart Weight, Limit, Capacity, Dimensions (12 examples)

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In short, the average golf cart weighs around 950 pounds (431 kilos). This weight is for a 2 person golf cart without a battery. Adding a battery to your golf cart will add 63 pounds to the overall weight. A 4 and 6 person cart weighs 100 (lbs) heavier.


Are you looking to buy a Golf Cart? Have you done the research to find out the key factors you must analyze before making a purchase? If not, in this article, I will help you with some valuable information to make you decide which golf cart you really need. Let’s get started!

The weight of the golf cart that you own or are planning to buy is an important decision.

I’m always amazed for such a high cost item, how little research most people do.

A lot of buyers don’t think twice about it buying a cart, so I’m trying to help you the best I can.

When it comes time to towing the cart across the course, or trying to climb up a steep hill, the weight of your cart will soon come into play!

Like any other vehicle, the weight of a golf cart will drastically vary based on the type of cart you choose.  Whether its gasoline or electric powered, as well as the number of passengers it can accommodate all affect the overall weight.


How Much Does a Golf Cart Weigh

On average, a golf cart weighs between 900 pounds to 1100 pounds. This is not the only scale you should directly rely upon to make your decisions because the weight will vary based on the material used and the model type.

If it’s an electric vehicle with a motor and a large battery, expect 300 pounds more. Similarly, if the two-seater weighs 900 pounds, a larger cart that can hold up to six people would weigh 1100 pounds.

The weight of the product will also change based on the brand and the model that you have purchased.

Each brand uses different materials in their products and has varying dimensions. The E-Z-Go Express S4 cart weighs about 984 pounds whereas the Yamaha Drive2 PTV model is much lower at just 785 pounds.

Major manufacturers make golf carts available through different resellers. They offer different sizes, colors and materials like PVC and steel.

It’s fun customizing your cart to give it that personal touch. You’re likely to spend thousands on a new model, so I always feel the extra cost for personalization is worth it.


Golf Cart Weight by Brand

Below are the weight values of the most popular golf carts from Ezy Go, Club Car, Yamaha and other companies.
ModelDry WeightCurb WeightSpecifications
ezy go RXV Fleet567 (lbs)906 (lbs)• 2 person
• Electric model
• 48V
ezy go TXT Fleet 577 (lbs)945 (lbs)• 2 person
• Electric model
• 48V
ezy go Freedom RXV641 (lbs)970 (lbs)• 2 person
• Electric model
• 48V
Club Car Onward 4795 (lbs) - gas1070 (lbs) - electric• 4 person
• Gas & Electric
• 8V & 12V battery
Club Car Carryall907 (lbs) - gas1393 (lbs) - electric• 2 person
• Gas & Electric
• 48V engine
Club Car Villager 2+2 LSVn/a (lbs)1129 (lbs)• 4 person
• Electric
• 48V
Yamaha Concierge 61010 (lbs)1387 (lbs)• 6 person
• Gas & Electric
• 48-volt
Yamaha Adventurer Sport 2+2 788 (lbs)905 (lbs)• 4 person
• Gas & Electric
• 48-volt AC Motor
Yamaha Concierge 4767 (lbs)1144 (lbs)• 4 person
• Gas & Electric
• 48-volt AC Motor


I recommend you take the curb weight of your cart and add at least 1000 pounds to it. Use this total number as your base figure when deciding whether your vehicle is capable of towing the golf cart.

The reason I suggest this is because the stated towing limits on your vehicle are generally too low.  Yes your vehicle may be able to tow such high numbers, but it will put added strain on your transmission.

It’s better to use a higher number so you can tow effortlessly and extend the life of your towing vehicle.

If you follow this guideline you’ll thank me later when it comes time to tow your cart over rough terrain.



There are occasions where you’ll need to know how wide your golf cart is. You may have to store it in the back of your trailer or pickup truck like I regularly do.

The dimensions of an average cart are: width: 3.93 feet (1.2m) x length: 7.87 feet (2.4m) x depth: 5.9 feet (1.8M). This is close to the smallest size cart that you will be able to find inside stores.

The dimensions of a large six-seater golf cart are about 146-inches in length x 70-inches in width x 47.2-inches tall. The latest version of these carts is being powered by electric motors and a lot of buyers show interest in adopting the newer technology.

Your cart can be driven around the golf course and once you have completed the day’s game, it can comfortably be charged in the parking station. You won’t need to worry about purchasing gasoline or towing it out of the course to a nearby gas station.

I have listed the size and dimensions of 12 popular golf carts available at the moment:

  • 5” (length) x 47” (width) x 46.5” (height w/o canopy) or 67.5” (height with canopy) – Ezy Go Freedom TXT

  • 5” (length) x 47” (width) x 45.7” (height w/o canopy) or 68.5” (height with canopy) – Ezy Go RXV

  • 115” (length) x 49.4” (width) x 46.5” (height w/o roof) or 70.5” (height with struts & roof) – Ezy Go Hauler Pro Electric

  • 112” (length) x 53” (width) x 77” (height) – Ezy Go Express 4×4 4WD

  • 136” (length) x 48.5” (width) x 48.6” (height w/o canopy) or 72” (height with canopy) – Ezy Go Shuttle 6 Person Cart

  • 5” (length) x 65.5” (width) x 68.5” (height) – Club Car Tempo Fleet Lithium Iron

  • 118” (length) x 62.6” x (width) 74.3” (height) – Club Car Carryall 510 LSV Street Legal

  • 154” (length) x 58.5” (width) x 82.3” (height) – Club Car Carryall 1700 SE 4×4

  • 119” (length) x 49.3” (width) x 72” (height) – Yamaha Umax Two

  • 6” (length) x 47.3” (width) x 70.2” (height with sunroof) – Yamaha Drive 2 Fleet

  • 161” (length) x 47.2” (width) x 75” (height) – Yamaha Concierge 6

  • 111” (length) x 49.3” (width) x 71.8” (height) – Yamaha UMAX Range Picker


Gas vs Electric golf cart weight

Gas golf carts are powered by gasoline engines which are much smaller than the ones found in cars.  However these vehicles need to be powerful enough to carry as much as 8 people across the course without any difficulty.

The quality of carts has improved dramatically in recent years. However keep in mind that the capabilities stated by the manufacturer reflect using these carts on a flat surface.

Things start to go downhill once you take your cart on uncharted territories!

The electric carts are powered by DC motors and run on electricity. Similar to electric cars, you can charge the battery on a daily basis.

When buying a new cart, it is essential to know the pros and cons of these two types of models available in the stores. The information below will make it easier for you to make an informed decision based on your requirement and how you intend to use the cart in the future.


Gas Cart – Pros and Cons


  • The gas golf cart is perfect for long drives as the fuel tank, when full, can go up to 200 miles.
  • It doesn’t incur additional expenses to replace batteries. You save lot of time because all you need to do is buy gasoline to keep it running.
  • There is no yearly maintenance schedule and the value for money you get for the investment made is much higher.
  • Gas models can be 200 to 300 pounds lighter than electric models.


  • Gasoline carts are much more expensive than their electric counterparts and most people opt for a used model.
  • Reduced performance. Driving a cart powered by a gasoline engine in rough terrain can be difficult. However newer gas models are getting much better at this.
  • It’s not the best type to be used in cold climates as they can experience startup issues in colder temperatures.


Electric Cart – Pros and Cons


  • For golf courses that are located in remote locations, it could be difficult to purchase gasoline every day and electric carts are the perfect solution.
  • They are easy to drive and are very silent which maintains a serene atmosphere during important events.
  • Much more affordable and you can easily buy one from the stores.
  • It works great in even in cold weather conditions.


  • The battery will eventually start showing signs of age after using it for longer periods and regularly charging them.
  • The battery size is much smaller and they can travel just 12 miles or so before which they need to hit the charging station.
  • Horsepower generated by these carts are limited and are not ideal for too many passengers, heavy loads or driving in steep hills.


Understanding the Numbers

It can get confusing when dealing with terms and numbers you don’t quite understand.  When I use to go shopping for golf carts, I would get confused with all the technical jargon each time I was quoted dry weight and curb weight numbers.

I learned to just go by the curb weight numbers, as most dealers will sell you a cart that contains a battery already installed.

Here is as glossary of terms that should help clearly define the weight terms you may come across:

Dry Weight – As the term suggests, dry weight is a barebones weight value. This refers to the weight of the cart without a battery. A battery will increase the weight by 100 to 400 pounds depending on the battery size. The dry weight doesn’t include any extra accessories such as motor fluid, extra seats and other optional extras.

Curb Weight – The curb weight of a golf cart refers to the total weight of a purchased golf cart. Typically the included battery will make up the bulk of the added weight value.


Golf Cart (passenger) Weight Limit

Similar to how passenger weight limit is specified for limits, a typical 2-seater gasoline-powered golf cart can carry two people weighing up to 200 pounds or slightly more.

When it comes to a large six-seater vehicle, it can triple the capacity and go all the way up to 700 pounds (limit) to make sure all passengers are transported easily.

However, these larger capacity carts are not standard vehicles. As they are closer to small buses, they will have very low torque power for safety reasons.  You definitely don’t want to take a 6 person cart up or down hill!

The gas models are slightly more powerful and can handle uneven terrains. One the other hand, electric version are cheaper, but will have reduced pulling capabilities. You can expect electric carts to pull around 150 to 180 (lbs).

When buying any cart, please use it as intended. Make sure you check the maximum passenger weight that the golf cart can handle on the manufacturer’s website.

Most companies will reveal this information along with the type of engine or electric motor used in their carts, their dimensions, fuel type and maintenance schedule, if any. Choose the one that best suits your requirement.


How much does a 4-person golf cart weigh?

The gross weight of a four-person golf cart is about 1019 lbs. The cart can typically carry four people at once, and its maximum load is capped at 1,000 lbs. They’re made using a combination of steel framework and fiberglass to reduce the weight.  A good 4 seater should have a strong 48V battery to effectively to carry multiple passengers at once.

How much does a 6-person golf cart weigh?

The gross weight of a six-person golf cart will be around 1050 lbs when fueled and loaded up for transport. The vehicle will typically have a horsepower of 13.5hp. They can comfortably handle the weight of six different people when fully seated. It’s one of the advantages of using gas-powered carts when compared to electric models.

Weight with and (without) batteries?

The weight of the golf cart as specified by the manufacturers will be with the batteries. The total weight according to the official specifications is about 1,050 lbs for a 6-seater electric golf cart.

When you remove the batteries, it will lose some of the weight and possibly weigh around 1,000 lbs or less depending on the size of the battery used.

Take a look at another article I wrote called how much do golf cart batteries weigh

An electric golf cart is capable of handling maximum load up to 500 lbs and can be driven up to 50 miles on a full charge when it has a large battery capacity.

Products made by trusted companies tend to have the best build quality, service support and warranty. When you’re investing thousands of dollars, you want to get all the options offered to you.


The weight of a golf cart varies as there are two major types of carts available. (1) Gasoline-powered push carts and (2) electric carts with large batteries.

Each type has its specific advantages and disadvantages which you should analyze before making the final choice.  I have done my best effort to help guide you in making the best purchase for your situation.

The carts start in the smallest size weighing in around 900 pounds for the 2 seater model. This value can go as high as 1100 pounds or more, for the much larger 6 person models. I have even come across 8 person models which are more ideal for commercial uses.

An increased weight of the golf cart can provide better support, stability and are much more reliable when driving through steep terrains.

The electric carts are best for short distance travels and they are also easy to drive in cold climates without starting issues.

The pricing of the golf carts can be anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 based on the model you choose.

Overall, I think the most important consideration is your budget and to think about how you’ll be using your golf cart. The number of friends you play golf with regularly, as well as the type of terrain you’ll encounter, are all important points to keep in mind.


Ernie loves documenting interesting facts about golf.

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