How Much (The Best Golf Cart Batteries) Will Cost You

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How Much Do Golf Cart Batteries Cost

On average golf cart batteries cost anywhere between $800 – 1500 USD (£1,231). The cost of 72-Volt batteries can go all the way up to $2000.

You would be shelling out the least on a lead-acid battery pack which comes to around USD 900- 1500, provided you are buying them from a local dealer. The cost can be brought down even further if you install it yourself.

The 4-12 Volt system in a battery pack of 12 or 4 batteries which produce a total of 48 Volts costs the least.

Your higher quality battery packs will have the most lead in it, weigh a lot, and will cost you a lot too. Better battery packs will also serve longer and deliver better performance than their cheaper counterparts.


How Much is a New Set of Golf Cart Batteries

The cost of golf cart battery packs depends upon the number of batteries in the pack, their Voltage, and their Amp-hour. You’ll find packs of batteries in either 4, 6 and 8 quantities.

4-Pack Golf Cart Battery Price

A 4-pack golf cart battery of 12V and 150 Ah will cost anywhere between $1190 to 1300. While a 6V 4-pack battery will cost lesser at around $750- 800.

6-Pack Golf Cart Battery Price

Six sets of 6V battery pack of 225 Ah will come at around $1300 while a six-pack of 8V and 170 Ah batteries will cost more at around $1350.

8- Pack Golf Cart Battery Price

8-pack golf cart batteries cost the highest at around $1600. They usually come in at 6V / 225 Ah.


How Much Do 6 Volt Golf Cart Batteries Cost

The 6-Volt golf cart batteries manufactured by Trojan can cost anywhere between $170 to $1000 USD.

Below is a list of different Amp hours of the 6-Volt batteries, their model numbers and prices. 

  • 6V-GEL > 6 Volt 189 Amp Hour GEL Battery – $381
  • J250G > 6 Volt 235 Amp Hour Flooded Battery – $207
  • J250P > 6 Volt 250 Amp Hour Deep-Cycle Flooded Battery – $245
  • SAGM 06 220 > 6 Volt 220 Amp Hour Solar AGM Battery – $335
  • SAGM 06 315 (J305-AGM) > 6 Volt 315 Amp Hour Solar AGM Battery – $494
  • SAGM 06 375 > 6 Volt 375 Amp Hour Solar AGM Battery – $572
  • SIND 06 920 (IND13-6V) > 6 Volt 708 Amp Hour Flooded Battery – $1014
  • SPRE 06 255 (T105-RE) > 6 Volt 229 Amp Hour Flooded Battery – $211
  • SPRE 06 415 > 6 Volt 377 Amp Hour Flooded Battery – $398
  • SSIG 06 255 (T105) > 6 Volt 229 Amp Hour Flooded Battery – $179
  • SSIG 06 490 (L16H-AC) > 6 Volt 443 Amp Hour Flooded Battery – $403
  • T-125 > 6 Volt 240 Amp Hour Deep-Cycle Flooded Battery – $204
  • T105-AGM > 6 Volt 217 Amp Hour Deep-Cycle Reliant AGM Battery – $340
  • L16G-AC > 390 AH 6 Volt Deep Cycle Battery – $335


Price of 8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries

The 8-volt golf cart batteries manufactured by Trojan can cost anywhere between USD 180 and 370. Below is a list of different Amp hours of the 8-Volt batteries, their model numbers, and their prices.

  • T-875LPT-MV > 8 Volt 170 Amp Hour Deep-Cycle Flooded Battery- $185
  • SAGM 08 165 > 8 Volt 165 Amp Hour Solar AGM Battery- $363
  • T875-AGM > 8 Volt 160 Amp Hour Deep-Cycle Reliant AGM Battery- $322

How Much Do 48 Volt Golf Cart Batteries Cost

The 48-Volt golf cart batteries come at a range of prices depending on the Amp-hour and make. Typically, a 46-Volt golf cart lithium battery costs anywhere between $2400 to $5000. You’ll be able to buy 50Ah batteries at the lower end of the range while 100Ah batteries will fall under the higher-end.

Which are the Best Golf Cart Batteries to Buy

The best quality batteries have longer lifetimes and give excellent performance. Given below are seven of the best batteries that you can install in your golf carts, with their specifications, weight, amperage, advantages, and disadvantages.


Interstate PowerFast PF-GC2-UTL | PF-GC8-UTL Batteries

The PowerFast series of golf cart batteries from Interstate come highly recommended among golfers I know.

 Interstate offer 2 models; the GC2 (6 volts) and GC8 (8 volts) which are a great choice for value minded players.

These batteries offer plenty of reserve capacity and can be used in a wide range of vehicles. From residential and commercial golf carts and even Scrubbers and Scissor Lift vehicles.

Weighing in at only 58 to 61 pounds (26.7 – 27.6 kg) these batteries are some of the lightest full powered batteries made for golf carts.

You’ll enjoy 210 amp hours (at 20 hours) using the GC2 battery, while you can expect 160 amp hours with the GC8.

Trojan 6 Volt T-105 Deep Cycle Battery

Trojan batteries have earned the trust and loyalty of golf cart owners all around the world. They offer the best golf cart batteries with exceptional performance.

The T-105 batteries offer 750 life cycles which is the best in the market yet. They are 4 pounds lighter at 62 than the T-125 batteries. The T-125 batteries can be charged and discharged only 650 times.

Both these battery types are available with different terminals. The discharge rates of T-105 75- and 25-amps batteries are 115 and 447 minutes respectively. The T-125 batteries of 75- and 25- amps come with discharge rates of 132 and 488 minutes respectively.

The T-105 batteries weigh in at 62 pounds and measure in at 10 3/8 X 7 1/8 X 10 7/8 inches. The amp hour is 225 at 20 hours rate.


US Battery US-2200 XC2 | US 125 6-Volt Deep Cycle Batteries

The US-125 batteries can be bought in sets, which serves as an advantage for golfers. The battery weighs67 pounds and doesn’t compete well with Trojan at a 625 cycle life.

Its dimensions are 10 ¼ X 7 1/8 X11 1/8 inches and give 242 Ah at a 20 hours rate. It offers a rate of discharge of 517 and 140 minutes at 25 and 75 amps respectively.

The USB US-2200 batteries offer a better rate of discharge than US-125 of 140 minutes at 75 amps and 517 minutes at 25 amps.

Their measurements are 10 ¼ X 7 1/8 X 11 1/8 inches and weigh lighter at 63 pounds. They offer 232 Ah at 20 hours rate.

Their rates of discharge are 474 minutes at 25 amps and 122 minutes at 75 amps.


US E-3600 Exide Battery

US Battery Company offers excellent quality batteries with the Excide E-3600 batteries carrying a cycle life of 600.

This battery is immune to vibration and come with three gang events.

Weigh comes in at 62 pounds and measures 10 3/8 X 7 3/16 X 11 7/16 inches. The E-3600 offers amp hours of 200 at 20 hours rate. The rates of discharge are 390 and 110 minutes at 25 and 75 amps respectively.

The Exide GC2H batteries measure in at almost the same size at 10 3/8 X 7 3/16 X 11 5/8 inches and weigh 68 pounds.

It offers a comparatively lower cycle life of 550-600 and their amp-hours are 245 at 20 hours rate.

The battery is equipped with a rate of discharge of 525 and 145 minutes at 25 and 75 amps respectively.


Universal Power Group UB12350 Lead Acid Battery

The 12V/35Ah 2-pack size battery from Universal Power Group is a sealed lead-acid battery. It’s extremely flexible as it can be used not just on golf carts but on other vehicles too.

This valve-regulated battery can be used on a varied range of golf carts – from small to large. The battery is protected by non-corrosive materials inside.

The contents of this battery are tightly packed ensuring no leakage and hence can be used on uneven surfaces. The battery can guard itself against vibrations. It offers 600 cycle life and weighs 23.15 pounds. It measures in at 7.68 X 7.13 X 5.16 inches.



  • The battery is robust as it’s immune to vibrations.
  • It can be used on golf carts of various types as well as other vehicles too.
  • It comes with a year’s warranty.


  • The battery weighs a lot more than some of its counterparts.
  • It takes a lot of time to self-discharge.
  • Initially, it’s excellent at taking and storing charge, but as time passes, the quality goes down.


Best Golf Cart Battery Chargers

Once you select a battery for your golf cart, you’ll also want to pick up a high quality battery charger.

There are many good chargers you could buy, but here are a few that come recommended:


Best Choice: MODZ Max36 15 Amp Battery Charger

The Modz Max36 battery charger can be used to charge your EzyGo TXT golf cart.  Weighing only 7 pounds, this is a very lightweight charger and will fully charge your battery within a couple of hours!

The Max36 can charge your battery 3 times faster compared to any older model charger you have been using.

This is my best pick from the list as the majority of users are satisfied with buying this battery charger.


48-Volt Schauer JAC1548H Golf Cart Battery Charger

The 48V golf cart battery charger is your best bet if you stay in a place with a harsh climate.

The battery is extremely flexible and can suit any lead-acid battery. It’ll suit the batteries in most golf carts.

It comes with 15 amps of initial amp output and can protect your batteries and golf cart from short circuits too.

Its temperature range is between 32 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit and the device measures in at 8X7.5X6.5 inches. It weighs 13 pounds and has a float voltage of 53.6.


  • This battery charger is extremely easy to operate. When it flashes a green light, you know that the AC power is turned on and a yellow light indicates that the battery is getting charged.

  • It’s handy as it weighs less and comes packed in an aluminum case.

  • It has the float standby mode feature that is turned on when your battery doesn’t need any more charge. Until then the charger offers a constant current charge.

  • It comes equipped with several controls and switches on its front which lets you change between various types of batteries.


  • The device comes without a user’s guide which means will have to figure out how to operate the device on your own.
  • If you’re looking for a DC power supply, this charger will not suit your purposes.


Accusense 48-Volt 17 Amp Golf Cart Battery Charger

This 48-Volt battery charger can tell you what amount of voltage needed to go to which battery. Once it charges your battery completely, the battery will maintain its capacity at 100 percent.

This will lengthen the life of your batteries and will allow you to fire up your golf cart even after prolonged periods of non-use.

An Accusense patented selector lets you charge a wide range of lead-acid batteries.

It can work at temperatures ranging between 14-160 degrees Fahrenheit. The charger measures in at 6.2 X 10.2 X 6.9 inches and weighs 31 pounds. It gives an initial amp output of 17 and a float voltage of 54.


  • This charger comes with a 2 year warranty.
  • To prevent your batteries from damage during charging, this charger is equipped with reverse polarity protection.


  • The outer layer of this device isn’t robust enough. It gets dented easily.
  • The charger can heat up while charging.
  • The heavy battery charger has a thin handle.


Accusense 36V, 18 Amp Battery Charger for EzyGo

This 36V, 18amp battery charger is also an Accusense patented product. It also comes with a microprocessor-controlled system that lets you know how much voltage should go to a battery.

This can charge a wide variety of batteries with different material casings, provided the battery is of 36V.

This charger can get you through a whole season of not driving your golf carts.

If your batteries are charged to 32 Volts charge, this charger will keep your golf carts charged throughout a season. It comes with a 9 feet long cable wire which gives you a good reach.

It can work in a wide range of temperatures ranging from 32 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. It measures in at 6.2 X 10.2 X 6.9 inches and weighs 30.2 pounds. It offers an initial Amp output of 18 and a float voltage of 54.


  • The charger has a very high charging speed.
  • The charge can be sustained up to 28 days once charged.
  • Its display lets you know what is going on inside.


  • The charger is constructed with a few plastic components that lack rigidity.
  • It’s heavy at 30.2 pounds.
  • While charging, it emits a noise.


Benefits of Using Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

Most golf cart owners prefer lithium batteries mainly because of the safety that they offer. The other highlights of installing lithium batteries in your golf cart are as follows:

  • Compared to other batteries, lithium batteries offer a longer life span and offer ten times more charge cycles than a typical golf cart battery.

  • Lithium batteries have a charge cycle of 5000 while the others only have 500 charge cycles.

  • Wet golf batteries serve longer when maintained well. Nevertheless, their lifetime is only half of that of lithium batteries.

  • Lithium batteries are small and occupy less space than the other typical golf cart batteries.

    The latter are heavy and occupy much of the space in the golf carts and the vehicles end up consuming more power just to pull themselves along with these batteries.

  • Lithium batteries offer ease of maintenance. They can easily be replaced as they are light-weight and easy to carry.

  • Lithium batteries do not run on acid which is the case with lead-acid batteries that function as a result of the reaction between sulfuric acid and electrodes.

  • In lead-acid batteries, if spillage or leakage occurs, it would prove extremely dangerous. With Lithium batteries, there is no risk of spillage or leakage.

  • As with the lead-acid batteries, you don’t have to worry about the level of fluids inside a lithium battery. Lithium batteries, as previously mentioned, do not run on acids. They also do not rust and hence incur very low maintenance charges.

  • Lithium batteries can power up golf carts quicker which gives it an edge over the other batteries.


How Much Do Lithium Golf Cart Batteries Cost

Lithium golf cart batteries cost anywhere between $2000-5000. The cost varies with the amp hours.

48V batteries with 50-100 Ah cost between $2400 to $5000, while 36V batteries with 50-100 Ah come at around $2000-4000. The 36V batteries are cheaper than the former. 


How Much Do Trojan Golf Cart Batteries Cost

Trojan golf cart batteries come at a wide range of prices, ranging from around $200 for a 6V/235Ah battery to around $1000 for a 6V 708 Ah battery.


How Much Do golf Cart Batteries cost at Costco

From my time on the course, I’ve noticed many golfers choose to buy their golf cart batteries from Costco. While their selection of high quality batteries can be limited, they can be a convenient option.

Costco’s 6V batteries are priced at around $100 and the 8V batteries cost a little more at $111 while the 12V batteries are charged at around $240.

How Many Batteries Does Your Golf Cart Need? Read my answer


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