Fix Club Car Golf Cart Keeps Running (Won’t Shut OFF)

Club Car golf cart keep running

Why does my Club Car golf cart keep running?

Most club car users face this problem. Mainly the problem occurs if the OBC or On-Board Computer is not functioning correctly.

OBC monitors and controls the overall functioning of the car.

If the OBC detects any disfunction, it turns off the drive systems or charging system of the vehicle. And if the system starts working correctly, the OBC resets the system, and the car comes back, it’s normal functioning. 


How to reset the OBC

  • Switch off the car with your key
  • Set forward or reverse to neutral
  • Now find out the run or tow switch and put it to tow
  • If the negative battery terminal is connected to the battery pack, disconnect it
  • Now put the switch from tow to run and the forward or reverse switch to reverse
  • Then turn the key switch on
  • Locate the throttle pedal and lock it down with an object or ask someone to do that for you
  • Then you should hear a sound from the reverse buzzer. It should go off within 30 secs
  • Leave your car in this way for approximately 5 mins to let the OBC complete its reset process
  • Now reconnect the OBC
  • Put the key switch to off
  • Set the reverse and forward switch to neutral again and the run and tow switch to tow
  • Now Connect the negative battery terminal 

When the whole resetting process of the OBC has been completed, your problem should be solved. If still, it’s not working, you can perform troubleshooting and turn off your car. 


Why won’t my Club Car golf cart shut off?

The problems with a club car golf cart appear when either the OBC or the solenoid is not functioning correctly. OBC regulates the car’s batteries’ charge, and the solenoid supplies the electrical current from the battery to the entire vehicle.

Resetting the OBC should solve the problem but if not, check whether the solenoid is okay. Check if the car’s solenoid is not fine.


Tools needed

  1. One voltmeter
  2. If you don’t have a voltmeter, you can use a multimeter instead
  3. One ½” wrench
  4. Electrical tape



  1. First thing first, before starting anything, disconnect the cables from both of the large terminals. After disconnecting the cables, make sure you have wrapper the ends with tape and keep the ends of the cable away from each other.
  2. Turn the key switch off.
  3. Put the reverse or forward switch to neutral.
  4. Set the voltmeter to ohms.
  5. Pick up the probe and place it on each terminal.
  6. Now put the switch to forward and switch the key on.
  7. Start the accelerator.
  8. You should hear a sound like a click from the solenoid.
  9. Now focus on the voltmeter. Can you see numbers from 0 to 0.4 ohms? If the reading is higher than that, then the solenoid is faulty.
  10. If you did not hear any sound from the solenoid, then set the voltmeter to DC volts on a scale of 200.
  11. Put the probe on each terminal, now o the small ones.
  12. Keep the car in the forward position and put your leg on the accelerator.

If the solenoid is faulty, the voltmeter will show full battery voltage, and still, there will be no click And if the voltmeter is 0, then the solenoid is fine

You cannot fix the solenoid; in case of the faulty solenoids, replacement is the only option. As solenoid runs together with the club car, at fault in it can cause the above problem along with others. In some cases, faulty batteries can also be the cause of the problem, as mentioned earlier. 



How to Fix a Club Car golf cart that keeps running

A club car may seem a compact vehicle, but a lot is going on in it. So there can be several reasons why the car won’t shut off. In the following list, I have mentioned all the possible causes. See you if anyone match with yours and then work accordingly. 

  1. Examine the linkage and make sure they are working properly.
  2. Check whether the solenoid is OK and Replace it.
  3. On the right-hand side of the car motor, there is a wired connection. Sometimes it can loosen up. Remaking it can solve your problem. 
  4. The top one of the microswitches may cause the problem. Fixing it should be enough. 
  5. Seek help from professional and ask them to inspect if the gas cables are alright (if you have a gas golf car).
  6. Replace the battery.
  7. Check if the onboard computer or OBC is all fine.


Club Car DS golf cart keeps running

The following ones can be the root of this problem:

  • Microswitches inside the black box
  • Solenoid
  • OBC
  • Battery
  • Wire connections, etc

Here I have mentioned possible solutions to the problems that occurred from the parts mentioned above. Mostly replacing a few elements can solve problems. But never decide to replace a part without checking it. If you need, then ask a professional to help you. 

  1. Switch to key start from the pedal start
  2. Somewhere around the passenger seat, there must be a white wire with a black tracer strip. If the wire is not connected correctly, then maybe reconnecting them can fix your problem
  3. Check if the microswitches are fine and working properly
  4. Replace the faulty solenoid


Gas Club Car engine keeps running

Gas club cars are mostly used for maneuvering rolling hills, rougher terrain, and for transportation of heavy payloads.

Here I have mentioned a few troubleshooting steps which can help to shut off your car, and also, they are necessary when you are using the vehicle regularly. 

  1. Always make sure there is enough fuel before going out with the car
  2. Ensure the oil level is equal or above the fill maker. 
  3. Inspect the battery and solenoid time to time, especially if you facing problems with shutting down the car
  4. Check, all the wires are connected securely. If you see any of them has loosened up, use a wrench to tighten them.
  5. Check the water levels. If they are low, fill with distilled water and also remove any corrosion from terminals with a brush 
  6. Examine the condition of the switches. 
  7. Remove the air filter and locate the carburetor. Clean it with spray cleaner.
  8. Also, see if the throttle linkage is all right. 


Extra tips

  • Many problems can occur in the car for accommodated dirt in certain parts. Always try to keep the car free from dust. And while cleaning, make sure you are not using a lot of water on the engine. 
  • When performing electrical works, remember all kinds of precautions.


1991 Club Car golf cart keeps running

This is not a rare problem or something like that. This happens with most of the golf cart users, and the causes and solutions are also limited. Have a look at the following list and see if any of it helps. 

  • There can be some problem with the solenoid. Ensure if the solenoid is working right using a voltmeter. If not, then try the following troubleshooting.
  1. Check if the solenoid is getting power from the pedal
  2. See if the battery-free from faults. Because solenoid supplies the power from the battery to the car. The battery may be damaged somehow, changing it may also the solenoid problem; thus, the vehicle will finally turn off
  3. Replace the solenoid
  • See whether the micro switches inside of the black box is working correctly
  • Check all the cable connections of your car
  1. Research how the cables were connected at first
  2. Tighten up the wires using a wrench
  3. Maintain possible captions before performing these kinds of works
  • Reset the OBC and try to shut off the engineering again
  • This may offend you a little bit, but maybe you are not turning off the engine appropriately. When you have performed the above steps, make it sure that you are turning the car off correctly. 


1994 Club Car golf cart keeps running

This kind of problem with shutting down can occur in both gas and electric golf carts. There are different reasons why it can happen; some of them are discussed below:

  • May be the starter is still operating because the spring, which pulls back the pinion to the rest pose, is not doing its job correctly. 
  • Somehow the solenoid is overheated and thus failing to give its required performance. 
  • Check if the solenoid is getting enough electricity. It can happen if the battery is damaged somehow. Solenoid mainly supplies the power from the battery to the rest of the car. So, the battery can be the reason. 
  • Maybe the OBC is not working correctly. 


How to fix it

If the solenoid or the battery is damaged, then all that is left to do is replace the parts.

In the case of OBC, resetting it will solve the problem. And if any wires are loose, then tightening them with a wrench can fix this. 


2001 Club Car golf cart keeps running

Here are some of the possible causes why your 2001 club car golf cart is going through the shutdown issue. And after that, I have also mentioned a few troubleshooting you can perform in this situation. 

  • If the car was sitting for a long time before you purchased it.
  • The drive clutch unit may be sticking and therefore not releasing while turning off the car.
  • The microswitches inside the black box are no longer in good condition.



  1. Switch the car to neutral before turning the key off. 
  2. Check if the solenoid has to be replaced
  3. Focus at the rpm limiter and see if there is any wire which is loose or come apart
  4. Inspect the battery. If it is damaged, you have to change it
  5. The problem with shut down may have occurred from the kill circuit, which is controlled by the top microswitch. You may have to replace the microswitches or solve the problem by tightening up the circuit.  

Remember, whatever the cause is, it needs immediate fixing. Otherwise, related parts of the faulty one can be damaged badly. 


2003 Club Car golf cart keeps running

There are a few things you need to do to fix the shutdown issue of the 2003 club car golf cart. If your car is new and still facing such problems, then do not worry. It’s just a matter of minutes, as there will be no bigger issues. They can be fixed easily.  

  1. Clean the carburetor
  2. Change the micro switches. You may have to replace all four of them; two from the black box and the other two from the reverse/ forward shifter
  3. First, make sure the engine is good and warm. Then swiftly pull up the seat and close all the carb. Do it when you see the engine is dieseling after warming the engine up.
  4. Ensure that the butterfly is closed completely when setting up the idle screw on the carb.
  5. Check if there is excessive carbon on the cylinder head.


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