Best Callaway Speedzone Driver Shaft Options (GUIDE)

The new Cobra Speedzone Driver is known for its amazing conventional CG adjustment design between the front and rear. It is best used by players who want to work the ball without compromising remission.

It is important to pick the right driver’s shaft for such a club head, as is the case for all drivers. But which shafts are perfect for your shot? Let’s find out!


What Is the Best Shaft For The Cobra Speedzone Driver?

The Tensei AV Blue 65 Shaft is the best-known Cobra Speedzone Driver. This series is a perfect pick, as it has a great mid-launch feature with a smooth bend.

These shafts are designed for players who require assistance with their swing and want to hit more fairways.


Cobra Speedzone Driver Shaft Specs

For a deeper understanding of its particular characteristics, see Tensei AV Blue 65 Shaft specs.

Sim2 Max Driver Shaft




Shaft weight (g)

Tensei AV Blue 65





Tensei AV Blue 65





Tensei AV Blue 65






Cobra Speedzone Driver Shaft Options

Do you wish to view more options for your driver’s shafts? The Cobra Speedzone driver’s top 3 shaft choices include the following:

  • The Tensei AV Blue 65
  • The HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 60
  • The Aldila Rogue Silver 60


For the Cobra Speedzone Drivers, we examined all the various shafts available in the market. The lightest, most flexible, the heaviest, and the hardest shafts were observed. The objective is to demonstrate the golf shaft’s variations in performance.


Tensei AV Blue 65

This shaft is custom-made and is prepared to fit straight in your driver’s head. Quality is assured, and all you have to do is choose the right shaft flex. The Tensei 65 includes a Tour Velvet 360 handle so that the adapter may be modified without worry.

The aluminum vapor Coated fiber increases stability, attains the desired EI objective and rigidity in the butt. It makes the club simpler for golfers to impact, enhancing a small fade or encouraging a slow draw.



  • Has a mid-launch design that provides a smooth and performance-free feeling
  • Comprises of AV coating in the butt region
  • Gives great stability to drivers, irrespective of swing type
  • Fibers to increase power between ball and club
  • Subtle design with eye-catching detail

This shaft is a great fit for golfers, with the launching and spinning in the three wood.

Golfers’ Review

Golfers seem to have confidence in the Tensei models and vouch that they will certainly not deceive anyone. The AV Blue has some cool technologies built-in, which give stability and a kick to the shaft.


HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 60

This shaft gives a seamless, mid-kick stroke. The tip remains quite steady, and strong swinging will not be difficult to manage. The grip portion also has greater weight to minimize the swinging punch back. 

The ball speed remains extremely powerful despite its high launch. It seems rather stable. However, you could also try it the other way.



  • Has a smooth feel with great variety
  • A higher launch still gives a great height to the ball shot
  • Can handle extremely powerful swings
  • Comprises of a firm midsection and tapered grip
  • Has a great matte black look that is free from any distractions

This shaft is excellent for golfers who wish to minimize launch and spinning rates at one steady tempo.


Golfers’ Review

This shaft’s counterbalance gives me a chance for better forgiveness in my woods – is something most golfers said. This is all the while changing the feeling of swing heaviness, they went on to say!


Aldila Rogue Silver 60 

The Aldila Rogue Silver 60 is a shaft with power and great price. The shaft’s mix of solidity and softness is unmatched. It holds the spin pretty low at a good starting angle. We feel, though, that the figures might go the opposite way on another day.

The finest thing though is that there is sufficient stability in the shaft without impact.



  • Provides golfers with enhanced performance and accuracy
  • Has excellent weight and power transmission characteristics
  • Uses ultra-thin layers to include materials of aeronautical quality in the weaving
  • Nullifies ‘dead areas’ shaft for better shot uniformity
  • The walls are thicker at the tip of the shaft

The Rogue is designed to assist golfers in acquiring control and speed, despite the impact.


Golfers’ Review

Drivers have an ideal balance of speed and forgiveness. The latter will never be missed! It gives golfers the powerful sensation, with great control.


Callaway Speedzone driver shaft options


What Is the Best Shaft for the Cobra Speedzone Driver?

The Tensei AV Blue 65 Shaft is the most preferred shaft for the Cobra Speedzone driver. This model is the ideal choice as it features a very smooth bending in the mid-launch.

Don’t worry. You do not have to swing hard with the tight and thin AV Weave. This improves your club’s power transmission with the ball.

These shafts are intended for golfers who need help with their swing and wish to hit more fairways.


Cobra Speedzone Driver Shaft Options

You may pick from some shaft alternatives if you prefer to get the Cobra Speedzone Driver.


Tensei AV Blue 65

The Tensei shaft is manufactured to order and is designed to fit right into your driver’s head. Quality is guaranteed, and all you have to do is select the appropriate shaft flex. This comes with a Tour Velvet 360 handle, allowing the adaptor to be easily changed.

It has a mid-launch design that gives a smooth and performance-free feel. The shaft provides excellent stability to drivers regardless of swing type.


Golfers’ Review

Users show immense faith in the Tensei models. The AV Blue has some unique innovations incorporated that provide the shaft stability and a kick.


HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 60

This shaft provides a smooth mid-kick stroke. The tip remains very stable, so powerful swinging will be easy to control. The grip part is also heavier to reduce swinging strike back.


Golfers’ Review

The balancing of this shaft allows me to have more forgiveness in my woods. All of this while modifying the sensation of swing weight.


Aldila Rogue Silver 60

The Aldila Rogue Silver 60 is a powerful shaft at an affordable price. The shaft’s combination of firmness and suppleness is unparalleled. At a decent starting angle, it keeps the spin quite low. 


Golfers’ Review

These drivers have an optimal speed-to-forgiveness ratio. The latter will never be forgotten! It provides golfers with a strong feel while maintaining excellent control.


Cobra Speedzone Xtreme Driver Shaft Length

The Shaft Length of a Cobra Speedzone Xtreme is 46.0 inches with a solid mid-kick point.

The Cobra King Speedzone Xtreme is built for high speed, long-distance, and great forgiveness.


Cobra Speedzone Xtreme Driver Shaft Tip Size

The shaft tip size of a Cobra Speedzone Xtreme is 0.335.

The Speedzone Xtreme is intended to decrease spin for golfers whose spin rates get too high.

It has a bigger head shape and a 6 g adjustable weight on the sole. You can set a 17 g tungsten weight.


Cobra Speedzone Xtreme Driver Custom Shaft Options

Here are the best custom shaft options for the Cobra Speedzone Xtreme driver:

  • Tensei AV Blue 65
  • HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 60
  • Aldila Rogue Silver 60


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