Best Callaway Epic Max Driver Shaft Options (GUIDE)

What Is the Best Shaft for the Callaway Epic Max Driver?

The Project X Cypher 40 Shaftis the best-known Callaway Epic Max Driver. It gives the mid-section solidity of a seamless, balanced feel.

Note: If you’re looking for something lightweight and with immense strength, the Project X Cypher Shaft is your pick.

Callaway Epic Max Driver Shaft Specs Chart

For a deeper understanding of its particular characteristics, see Project X Cypher 40 Shaft specs.

Sim2 Max Driver Shaft Flex Torque Kickpoint Shaft weight
Project X Cypher 40 4.0 6.0 Low 47g
Project X Cypher 40 5.0 5.5 Low 47g
Project X Cypher 40 5.5 5.3 Low-Mid 48g
Project X Cypher 40 6.0 5.1 Low-Mid 49g

Callaway Epic Max Driver Shaft Options

The best 3 shaft options for the Callaway Epic Max Driver are:

  • TheProject X Cypher 40
  • The Aldila Max Rogue 65
  • The Mitsubishi MMT 70

Wehave observed from the lightest, most flexible to the heaviest and most rigid shafts. The aim is to show the differences in the performance of the golf shaft.

The Project X Cypher 40 Shaft

Project X turned this shaft into a lightweight alternative, promoting a high launch plus longer distance even while controlling the club. The goal is that even the Cypher is more consistent, with a smooth shift out from iron to the wood.

With this shaft, you will get a higher launch and spin.


  • The shaft is lightweight with a low-resin design
  • Encourages higher lift with more distance
  • Has optimized exterior stability for increased mid-section balance
  • Smooth transition with wood and iron and an excellent bend profile

Note:For a modest pace of less than 80 mi/h, it works well. You get high and straight shots with the launch.

Golfers’ Review

Shaft flexes are rather excellent but may need a little tip cut to reach the specified flexes.These shafts are highly flexible and provide wonderful fairway choices, according to golfers.

The Aldila Max Rogue 65

Aldila is not as well-known as some other golf companies, but they provide strong graphite shafts, which may significantly enhance your play. This shaft has a low launch and low spin developed for players wanting to improve their uniformity.

The stability provided might be an excellent complement for individuals of shorter stature.It is also great for those looking to enhance their stroke speed.


  • The Rogue 65 lets you hit the driver more reliably and promotes greater accuracy
  • Graphitic carbon fiber has excellent strength-to-weight and energy-transfer characteristics
  • It utilizes a higher balancing point and sophisticated materials
  • Provides golfers additional alternatives and allows them to drive the golf ball further

Note: Pro golfers and amateurs can benefit from the enhanced higher balanced point design and fast swinging speed.

Golfers’ Review

It is the finest golf shaft for golfers. This is since it allowedthem to hit their driver more steadily. It also promotes more precision and distance despite mis-hits.

The Mitsubishi MMT 70

The MMT  shafts offer a fantastic general feel that inspires confidence. The shafts appear balanced and substantial during slowerair strokes.

As you speed up, a firmer butt appears. When a ball was thrown into the mix, the tips sections of the steel mesh feel sturdy.They also have a great low kick point.


  • There is metal mesh placed into the composite material layers at the shaft’s tip
  • The shafts’ matte black surface and subtle markings should complement most grips
  • It has a great overall touch that inspires confidence with a firmer butt
  • They’re intended for mid-launch and spin
  • With consistent distances, dispersion is quite narrow

Note: They’re ideal for golfers who could use some assistance getting the ball up in the air.

Golfers’ Review

MMT test results revealed consistently good ball flights accordingly to golfers’ review. Both launch and spins have been on the higher end of the mid-range. These corresponded to the optimal performance area for their stroke.

Callaway Epic Max Driver Shaft Options

Callaway Epic Max Driver Shaft Length

The shaft length of a Callaway Epic Max Driver is 45.75 inches with a lie angle of 59 degrees.

Note: As a starting point, utilize your present driver shaft. If your strokes are low or lack spin, consider a slightly lighter flex.

Callaway Epic Max Driver Shaft Tip Size

The shaft tip size of a Callaway Epic Max Driver is 0.335. The Epic Max is intended to decrease spin for golfers whose spin rates get quite high.

Note:If you’re stuck among two flexes, you may tip a milder flex to stiffen this at the tip portion.

Callaway Epic Max Driver Custom Shaft Options

The most preferred custom shaft options for the Callaway Epic Max Driver are:

  • TheProject X Cypher 40
  • The Aldila Max Rogue 65
  • Project X HZRDUS Smoke IM10

TheProject X Cypher 40 Shaft

The Project X Cypher 40 shafts are a lightweight option that promotes a high launch and greater distance. This is also while allowing you to control the club with good stability.

  • Lightweight shaft with a low-resin construction
  • It promotes higher lift and a longer distance
  • Improved external stability for improved mid-section balancing

Golfers’ Review

Shaft hoses are quite good, according to golfers. Although, a small tip might be necessary to access the specific hoses. These shafts are extremely flexible and offer excellent fairway options.

The Aldila Max Rogue 65

This shaft has a low launch and low spin and was designed for golfers who wish to enhance their accuracy.

  • Allows you to hit the driver more consistently and accurately
  • Has outstanding strength-to-weight and energy-transfer properties
  • It gives players more options and helps them to drive the golf ball further

Golfers’ Review

Golfers find this golf shaft to be perfect. This is because they have been more constantly hit by their driver. Despite room for mistakes, it encourages increased accuracy and distance.

Project X HZRDUS Smoke IM10

Using these aeronautical components, Project X finds the ideal mix between rigidity and endurance. These shafts feel really smooth and pretty clean overall.

Golfers’ Review

Golfers describe this shaft as an excellent tour choice. They are sturdy enough and can be controlled easily.

What Is The Best Shaft For The Callaway Epic Max LS Driver?

The Mitsubishi MMT 60 Graphite SShaftis the best option for your Callaway Epic Max LS Driver. It employs ground-breaking Metal Mesh Technology to reimagine efficiency in the shaft.

Callaway Epic Max LS Driver Shaft Options

There are 3 good shafts for the Callaway Epic Max LS Driver:

  • Mitsubishi MMT 60 Graphite S
  • Project X HZRDUS Smoke iM10 50 Graphite S
  • Mitsubishi MMT 60 Graphite XS

The Mitsubishi MMT 60 Graphite S

The shafts of the MMT Iron provide a general impression that evokes trust. The shafts remain stable and  sturdy during the shorter, light training air swings.


  • They are light, steady, and steep
  • Perfect for golfers who do not swing quickly
  • Has a torque of medium range

Golfers’ Review

Golfers find the spectrum of performance to be consistent as far as this option is concerned.

The Mitsubishi MMT 60 Graphite XS

This graphite shaft provides ideal weight and flex adjustment. This is so that players may adapt their choices more freely to the iron structure.


  • Gives the golfer greater strength and power
  • Offers greater reactivity than iron construction steel shafts
  • Players can increase start, distance, and spin

Golfers’ Review

Golfers find the MMT 60 Iron Shaftsto emit a unique feeling. And when purchased, they reflect great performance.

The Project X HZRDUS Smoke iM10 50 Graphite S

The iM10 low is strong from butt to tip. The ball starts with a penetrating flight on a significantly lower trajectory. It is an easy swing shaft for great action.


  • The shaft has great stability and control
  • It is the best for low spins
  • Gives a clean and smooth feel

Golfers’ Review

Even without a forceful swing, golfers say they could get it kicked. This leads to extremely accurate results.

Callaway Epic Max LS Custom Shaft Options

There are four main shaft options that you can have customized. You can use any shaft that matches the driver’s internal diameter.

  • MMT 60 Extra Stiff
  • MMT 60 Stiff
  • MMT 70 Extra Stiff
  • MMT 70 Stiff

Note: If needed, the sole sliding load on the LS Driver can be employed to offer more stability and forgiveness.


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