Best solutions for upgrading Yamaha G29 controller for better speed?

I’m hitting a wall with my Yamaha G29. It’s like it’s lost its zest, and it’s really putting a damper on my golf games and neighborhood cruising. I’m seriously considering upgrading the controller or maybe even the motor, but I’m swimming in options and could use some solid advice. Has anyone tackled this and found a solution that genuinely made a difference? I’m all ears and ready to get my cart back to its glory days!


I was in the same boat with my G29 not too long ago. After doing some digging and chatting with a few savvy folks, I decided to upgrade the controller. I went with the Navitas AC conversion kit, and wow, what a difference it made. It wasn’t as expensive as I feared, and the speed boost was exactly what I needed. Definitely check it out if you’re looking for that extra oomph.

Solutions that worked

Here’s an expanded table of solutions that have worked for others, including the number of users it worked for, approximate costs, and time needed for each solution, now with added steps and tips.

SolutionNumber of UsersApprox. Cost (USD)Approx. Time Needed (Minutes)
Navitas AC Conversion Kit5$800 – $1200120
PTV Code Upgrade3$290 (including service call)60
Alltrax Controller Upgrade2$400 – $60090

Navitas AC Conversion Kit

Detailed Steps:

  1. Research and Purchase: Start by researching the Navitas AC conversion kit suitable for your Yamaha G29. Ensure it includes a 440 amp controller and a compatible motor kit.
  2. Preparation: Before installation, read through the entire instruction manual. Gather all necessary tools as listed in the manual, and ensure your cart is clean and dry.
  3. Installation: Carefully remove the existing controller and motor, following the kit’s instructions. Install the new motor and controller, double-checking all connections.
  4. Testing and Adjustment: After installation, test the cart in a safe area. Use the Navitas app or software to adjust settings for optimal performance.

Handy Tips:

  • Battery Check: Before installation, ensure your batteries are fully charged and in good condition to handle the new system’s power requirements.
  • Safety First: Always disconnect the battery before starting the installation to avoid any electrical hazards.

Unique Info:

  • The Navitas kit allows for Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to adjust settings and monitor performance directly from your smartphone.

PTV Code Upgrade

Detailed Steps:

  1. Dealer Contact: Reach out to your local Yamaha dealer to inquire about the PTV code upgrade for your specific G29 model. Confirm the total cost and schedule a service.
  2. Service Appointment: During the service call, the technician will use Yamaha’s software to apply the PTV code to your cart’s controller, unlocking higher speed capabilities.
  3. Post-Upgrade Testing: Test your cart’s new top speed in a safe, controlled environment. Adjust your driving habits to accommodate the increased speed.

Handy Tips:

  • Documentation: Keep a record of the service and any documentation provided by the dealer for future reference or resale purposes.

Unique Info:

  • Some dealers may require proof of street legality for the upgrade, though this is not always enforced.

Alltrax Controller Upgrade

Detailed Steps:

  1. Selection: Choose the right Alltrax controller model based on your desired amp rating. Consider your typical cart usage, such as terrain and passenger load.
  2. Installation: Replace your cart’s existing controller with the new Alltrax controller. This may involve mounting the controller, connecting wires, and securing connections.
  3. Software Setup: Use the Alltrax Toolkit software to customize settings for your new controller, optimizing performance for your specific needs.

Handy Tips:

  • Cable Check: Inspect all cables for wear or damage before installation. Replace any questionable cables to ensure the best performance and safety.

Unique Info:

  • The Alltrax controller’s programmability allows for fine-tuning acceleration, regenerative braking, and top speed settings, making it a versatile upgrade option.


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