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What is the Average Length of a 5 Wood?

The average length of a 5 wood club is around 41.5 inches. A 5 wood with a  graphite shaft is longer at 42 inches long.

The average length of a 5 wood depends on two parameters. The first parameter that determines the length is whether the golf club has steel or graphite shaft. The second parameter is whether the club is a men’s club or a women’s club.

However, men’s 5 wood clubs with steel and graphite shafts offered by some manufacturers are 42 inches and 42.5 inches long respectively.

On the other hand, the average length of the women’s 5 wood golf club with a steel shaft is 40.5 inches. A 5 wood with a graphite shaft for women is 41 inches long.

Like the men’s clubs, some manufacturers offer women’s 5 wood steel and graphite shaft clubs with lengths of 41.25 inches and 41.75 inches respectively.

Some players are comfortable playing with a 5 wood that is 42.50″ long while some golfers prefer a shorter length of 41.5 inches.

Some players opt for a length of 42 inches or 42.5 inches for their 5 wood when their driver is 44.5 inches long.

At the same time, a few of them prefer a 40.5 inches 5 wood while their driver is 45 inches long.

A few golfers have adjusted the length of their 5 wood club so that it’s as long as a 4 wood.


Shaft Length Difference Between a Hybrid and 5 Wood

The difference in shaft length between a hybrid and a 5 wood is three inches. While the length of the hybrid usually ranges between 38.5 and 39 inches, a 5 wood is 41.5 to 42 inches long.

  • The extra length and lightweight design of the 5 wood offer less accuracy over a hybrid.
  • Expect an extra distance of 15 to 25 yards using a 5 wood compared to using a hybrid.
  • Some players have found that they’re able to control the hybrid better than a 5 wood club while a few others argue that it’s the 5 wood that helps them to hit the ball better and straighter.
  • The hybrid is quite versatile which makes it ideal for using anywhere while the 5 wood makes it suitable for high shots, fairways, semi-roughs and off the tee.
  • A 5 wood is a better option than the hybrid for golfers who are looking for a club that fills the distance gap between a 3 wood and a 4 iron.
  • The extra length of the 5 wood makes it easier for players who wish to render an aggressive swing when compared to the hybrid.
  • A 5 wood occasionally causes a couple of toe-jams when compared to the hybrid because its shaft is longer while the misses are bound to be lesser with a hybrid.


40 inch 5 Wood

The following are some points that are worth noting regarding a 40 inch 5 wood.

  • A 40 inch 5 wood is preferred by golfers who use a driver that is 44.5 or 45 inches in length.
  • 40″ is only half an inch shorter than a typical women’s steel shaft 5 wood golf club of size 40.5 inches.
  • Short players are more comfortable using a 40 inch 5 wood compared to tall players who have a height of about 6’3”.
  • Few golfers have found that they are able to launch a 40 inch 5 wood very well like they can do a hybrid. This length also makes it possible for them to render straight ball flights and have just a little fade.
  • If you find a 40 inch 5 wood is too light,  try adding some weight to the clubhead.

41 inch 5 Wood

A 41 inch 5 wood is just half an inch shorter than the standard 41.5 inch length of the fairway wood with a steel shaft offered by most manufacturers.

This is also considered as the standard size for a women’s 5 wood golf club with a graphite shaft. Some highlights of a 41 inch 5 wood based on golfers’ experiences are given below.

  • Players of average height tend to play better with a 5 wood of this size compared to short and very tall players.
  • A 41 inch driver helps golfers to achieve more overall distance than when they play with a 40 inch 5 wood.
  • Many players have found that they have better control over a 41 inch 5 wood when compared to a 5 wood with a bigger shaft.
  • Some golfers find a 5 wood of this size allows them to hit the sweet spot consistently without any problem. They also feel that the golf club is quite forgiving and is able to hit the ball high quickly.
  • Golfers can use their 5 wood to play equally well and quickly over the fairway bunkers, from the rough and off the fairways.


42 inch 5 Wood

Most manufacturers consider a 42 inch 5 wood to be the standard size for this men’s fairway wood with a graphite shaft. There are also a few manufacturers who opt to make this as the customary size for their men’s 5 wood with steel shafts.

Some golfers have made the following observations with respect to a 42 inch 5 wood.

  • A 5-wood of this size is often preferred by players with long arms or of 5’9” to 6’ height in comparison to short players.
  • Golfers generally opt for a 42 inch 5 wood when they are looking for a fairway wood to replace their 2-iron golf clubs that have a shorter shaft size of 39 inches.
  • Some players who have a 42 inch 5 wood tend to choke down a little to give the effect of using a smaller club because the choking helps them to control the fairway wood better.
  • Golfers who use a 42 inch 5 wood are usually those who want to cover as much distance as possible and a high with their golf clubs.
  • Golfers have found that they tend to compromise on accuracy and consistency with a 5 wood of this size.


42.5 inch 5 wood

A 42.5 inch 5 wood is considered by some to be the customary size for men’s fairway woods. However, not many players opt for this as they find it very close to their 3 wood in size.

Golfers who prefer a 5 wood of this size primarily use it to gain on accuracy. On the other hand, some players do away with this club as they tend to lose on accuracy and consistency as well as face launching problems.


What is the best 5 wood length?

Short players are best choosing a 40 inch or 41 inch 5 wood, while tall players should use a 42-42.5 inch 5 wood.

Wrist-to-floor measurement must also be taken into consideration when deciding on the right length of the 5 wood to get the best results. It’s worth noting that some golfers like using a 5 wood with a long shaft and choking down on it.

There is actually no specific size that can be termed as the best or most suitable 5 wood length.

The most common sizes that golfers opt for are 41 inch, 41.5 inch and 42 inch 5 woods. This is because these two sizes will help you on fairways, in bunkers and from the rough.

The 42 inch 5 wood serves as an effective replacement to the long 2-iron golf club although the shaft is longer.

If you’re one of those players who gives importance to consistency and accuracy, it’s a good idea to check out 5 wood golf clubs with short shafts.

However, those who prefer focusing on improving their distance or yardage must think of adding 5 woods with long shafts to their golf bag. The shafts of your driver and 3 wood will be longer appropriately.

  • Many golfers use a 44.5 inch driver along with a 42 inch or a 42.5 inch 5 wood.
  • Some players are comfortable with a 44.5 inch driver and 41.5 inch 5 wood combinations.

Interestingly, some people that a 40.5 inch 5 wood or 42 inch 5 wood works best for them along with a 45 inch driver.

Some players have very little difference in the shaft size between their 3 wood and 5 woods golf clubs. Their 3 wood has a shaft of 43 or 42.5 inches length and a 5 wood that is 42 or 41.75 inches long.


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