4 Best Waterproof Golf Bags (2020)


If I can be completely honest with you, there is nothing fun about golfing in the rain. I have caught many colds while golfing in the wet weather. The only thing worse than playing with soaking wet clothes, is having my club fly further than my ball.

The good news is I have done extensive research in order to find the best waterproof golf bags available.


Best Waterproof Golf Bags for 2020

  1. Sun Mountain 2018 Waterproof Series H2NO Lite Stand Bag

  2. Sun Mountain 2018 Waterproof Series SuperLite Cart Bag

  3. Callaway Hyper Dry Cart Bag

  4. Tour Edge Exotics Xtreme3 (Ladies) Cart Bag


Sun Mountain Waterproof Golf Bags

If you’re looking for a reliable waterproof bag, I’ve found the range at Sun Mountain to be some of the best quality designs ever made. The company was founded in 1981 and has pioneered many wonderful innovations.

Sun Mountain surprised everyone when they created the first ever back pack golf bag in 1981.

Before 1986, golfers had to pick their bags off the floor. The company saw an opening and they released the first ever stand bag to great success.

In 2003, Rick Reimers noticed that the pros where awkwardly lifting their golf bags from the top of the bag. This gave him the idea to add a gripping handle at the top to make this easier for golfers. It’s amazing such a handy innovation like this was only invented 15 years ago!

Fast forward to 2020, Sun Mountain are once again innovating in the golf carry bag sector. It seems every few years the company manages to make the golf bag just that little bit better. Their amazing water resistant bags listed below, are no different.


#1 Sun Mountain 2018 Waterproof Series H2NO Lite Stand Bag Review

Sun Mountain’s h2no Lite bag is one of the best weatherproof carry bags available today.

SunMountain Lite Bag White Color
The Sun Mountain H2NO Lite bag is high on capacity, and low on weight.

One of the very first weather proof bags I tried was Sun Mountain H2NO Lite bag. The Lite model was has improved upon the prior success of the original H2O bag. Sun Mountain has developed the light version for golfers who like to play in the rain, as much as they like play in the sun. This bag is nicely designed using high quality YKK zipper and water sealed seams.

I like how both sides of the bag are coated with 2000 mm waterproof coating. Even though this is quite a light bag you will enjoy its medium-sized capacity.

For added water production you’ll love the inbuilt water rain Hood that comes with all H2NO models. The bag comes with 6 pockets to place your valuables inside. What I also like about this model is the socket to store your water bottle. If that wasn’t enough pocket room, your clothing will also fit snugly inside.

One thing for certain, this bag doesn’t stop the rain from ruining your golf game!



When I bought my own bag I decided to go with the blacks grey Fire color. You can choose from 4 different color schemes:




  • TOP: 9.0″
  • STRAP: Dual Strap System


Comfort & Durability

If you’ve ever used a sun Mountain golf bag, you may be lucky enough to have used their dual strap system. When comparing the difference of a single strap bag, I found the dual straps to be more comfortable and sturdy to use.

When having two straps instead of one, your bag will not move around as much. Also the weight of the bag will be distributed more evenly on your back. If this is going to be your first time using a dual strapped model, you won’t be disappointed.

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#2 Sun Mountain 2020 Waterproof Series H2NO SuperLite Cart Bag Review

If you’re after something more lighter for 2020, Sun Mountains Super Lite Cart bag is the option for you.

Sun Mountain’s 2018 H2NO SuperLite Cart Bag is a favorite of mine.

Much like the light model we previously discussed, the Super Lite version weighs less than 5 pounds.

Although the weight difference is not a whole lot different when you’re playing in the rain you will notice how much heavier your bag feels. The lighter weight makes the Super Lite model a very popular choice.

I was impressed by the versatility of this bag. It can be carried, used for riding and even works with push cart use.

When using the handy inbuilt rain hood, the bag becomes completely waterproof. 

Additionally a 14 way divider will allow you to fit all your important golf clubs inside, without causing damage to each other.

Much like all the H2NO models, the Superlite version gives you superb reliability. Right away I could tell the bags high quality.

Sun Mountain always uses excellent materials and fabrics when constructing their bags. It’s amazing how every little detail is taken care of. They really went above and beyond by opting for the water resistant zippers.

While it may seem like a novelty to some, the standard water proof coating really is worth the extra cost.  Thanks to its superb water resistant design, playing in the rain isn’t nearly as bad now..



When I bought my own bag I decided to go with the blacks grey Fire color. You can choose from 4 different color schemes:



  • TOP: 10.5″
  • STRAP: Single Strap

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Callaway Waterproof Golf Bags

Similar to the Sun Mountain company discussed earlier, Callaway is another golfing company with a long and rich history. Founded in 1982 by Mr Ely Callaway, Callaways vision has always been to create “pleasingly different and demonstrably superior.” golf products.

Then in 1991, Callaway changed the golfing world by introducing the groundbreaking Big Bertha driver. This club changed everything, being the first driver entirely made of stainless steel.

Fast forward to 2018, Callaway releases their hugely popular Hyper Dry Cart bag. The ultimate in waterproof golf baggage design.

#3 Callaway Hyper Dry Cart Bag Review

A legitimate option in the golfing bag category is the Callaway Hyper Dry Cart bag. First released in 2017, newer models are 11% lighter, and 50% more waterproofed. Weighting less than 5 pounds, you’ll be able to take this bag anywhere you like.

Callaway Hyper Dry Cart Waterproof Golf Bag
The Hyper Dry Cart bag from Callaway. 11% lighter and 50% more water resistant than previous models.

This bag can hold up against all types of weather conditions! According to Callaway, the bag is made from super light denier coated fabric. This innovation gives the bag its ultra light weight and high strength.

Furthermore, you won’t experience any leaks using the Hyper Dry cart bag. Callaway have done an excellent job with the welded zippers, and overall sealing of the bag. This bag is very strong and well designed. I couldn’t find anything on the bag that looked cheap.

Callaway have literally though of everything when it comes to this bag.

The 15 way top divider will allow you to fit all your important clubs inside.

Furthermore, I really enjoy keeping my drink inside the insulated cooler pocket. The pocket does a decent job at keeping your drinks cold while your golf around the course.

If you thought that was all, you’re sadly mistaken! There is also space for a custom logos/pictures towards the bottom of the bag. This is a nice finishing touch which allows for a more personalized golfing bag.






  • WEIGHT: 4.8 LBS
  • TOP: 15 Way Divider 10″
  • STAND OUT FEATURES: Insulated cooler pocket, room for your own photo
  • 2 waterproof full length pockets for clothing
  • Scorecard pocket
  • Umbrella holder
  • Moulded strap grip
  • Rain Hood included

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Best Waterproof Golf Bags For The Ladies

I’m happy to say that all of the bags I have mentioned are not only suitable for men, but women too. While some ladies will want more fancier designs, the above bags do come in many colors. I’ve found the Tour Edge Exotics Xtreme 3 to be the best women’s golf bag.

 #4 Tour Edge Exotics Xtreme3 (Ladies) Cart Bag Review 


Ladies this is the bag for you! Tour Edge Exotics Xtreme3 Cart Bag.

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What Is the Ideal Golf Bag For Women?

Weight: ‘Women on average are not as big or strong as men. Since this is a fact of life, you may want to choose the lightest bag possible if you’re a smaller women.

Aim for a bag weight of 3-4 pounds.

Design: Aside from the weight, generally male and female bags are very similar. I have noticed some women’s golf bags tend to have a few more pockets and compartments. However since most bags have many pockets in the first place, this isn’t much of an advantage. 

Pockets: Companies are becoming better at focusing on the needs of women golfers however. Pockets for makeup and apparel are being integrated in a way we have never seen more.

Colors: Ladies bags do tend to me much flashier, glossier and colorful than mens varieties. Pinks, purples, polka dots and other elegant designs will be found on ladies designs. 


What Are Waterproof Golf Bags Made Of?

Nylon is the material used in most quality waterproof golf bags. While nylon itself isn’t water resistant, it’s the best material to use for just about any sports bag. A silicone coating is usually sprayed onto the nylon bag to produce its waterproof properties.

Nylon has many advantages over other fabrics:

  • Strength and shape consistency
  • Nylon is durable and will go back to its original uniform shape
  • Thermal resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Lighter and stronger

Can You Wash Waterproof Bags?

Yes of course you can wash waterproof bags! In fact I recommend you do clean them from time to time. A build up of dirt and dust will form on the bag, inside it, and even inside the zippers.


Can I Use A Washing Machine and/or Dryer?

No. You shouldn’t wash your golf bag inside a washing machine or dryer.  A washing machine is very intense process which will likely damage the waterproof coating. One cycle may not completely ruin your bag, but many cycles will.

Furthermore, the extreme heat of the dryer is also damaging to your bag and should be avoided.


What Is The Best Way To Wash My Golf Bag?

It’s quite easy to wash your golf bag, and should only take you 15 minutes. Follow the method below to see how I clean my bags:

  1. Empty all pockets and contents of the bag
  2.  Shake the bag upside down to remove all dirt inside
  3. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the interior. Then lightly clean inside.
  4. Use a clean sponge and lukewarm soapy water to gently scrub the exterior.
  5. If your bag came with washing instructions from the manufacturer, follow those steps instead.


How To Dry My Wet Golf Bag?

After washing your bag, it’s now time to dry it. There is only method I can recommend for this. Simply hang the bag outside on a clothes line, away from direct sunlight. 

Keep the bag away from direct sunlight.

And don’t use a hair dryer either.



To conclude this article, we have discussed the best waterproof golf bag products I have managed to find. All 4 companies; Sun Mountain, Callaway, Titleist and Tour Edge are loved by millions of golfers around the world. 

You can’t really go wrong with my recommendations. I will however urge you to choose a bag that is waterproof coated with silicone. Some cheaper manufacturers will instead use a plastic film for the waterproofing which isn’t ideal.

Also be sure to choose a bag that comes with a rain hood for those wet and windy days on the green.

All in all, golf can be enjoyed in all seasons and conditions. A waterproof golf bag will make sure of that.


Ernie loves documenting interesting facts about golf.

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